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What are the punishment for having Vicodin illegally in Michigan?


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You loose your job, kids, house, and car. So sucks for you. :)

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After having a surgery several years ago I was prescribed vicodin for a short period of time and just this past year was diagnosed with hypothyroiditis so it is possible to take vicodin safely with an under active thyroid but check with your doctor(s) to see if it is safe for you.

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Officially there's probably not a problem with that. From personal experience though, I took a Zyrtec earlier in the day because I was having allergies and then I took 5 mg Vicodin for my restless leg at night. The Vicodin hit me way harder and it was almost scary. I will not do that again. So be advised the Zyrtec may make the Vicodin stronger. Benedryl will definitely do this, I didn't realize that Zyrtec could.

You can expect short-term pain but in the long run, you will feel better with the tooth out! Vicodin is addictive. Do without it as much as you can. It also causes severe constipation. ~ T How you will react to Vicodin will be different than everyone else. Use it if you need it. With pain management it is best to control it before it gets too intense or it will be harder for the Vicodin to work. For me Vicodin takes most of the pain away but not all of it and puts me to sleep. your mileage will vary.

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Vicodin is addictive to some people. If you've had wisdom teeth surgery or had a minor injury and you take a few vicodin to help relieve the pain for a short time, and then go off them you will be fine. But if you've had major surgery and are on the vicodin for quite some time it's more likely you will be addicted. However it's not too hard to ween yourself off it. If you are taking 10 vicodin a day take that for a couple of days, then start taking only nine a day for a few days and so on so forth like that. If you are still having problems I suggest seeing your doctor. They can help you ween yourself off. Also if you are strongly addictive and you are having problems going through detox tramadol can help take away the bad affects of coming off the vicodin.

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