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(4) livestock. "Livestock" is defined as domesticated animals customarily raised on South Carolina farms for use primarily as beasts of burden, or food, and certain mammals when raised for their pelts or fur. Animals such as dogs, cats, reptiles, fowls (except baby chicks and poults), and animals of a wild nature, are not considered livestock; (5) feed used for the production and maintenance of poultry and livestock; (6) insecticides, chemicals, fertilizers, soil conditioners, seeds, or seedlings, or nursery stock, used solely in the production for sale of farm, dairy, grove, vineyard, or garden products or in the cultivation of poultry or livestock feed; (7) containers and labels used in: (a) preparing agricultural, dairy, grove, or garden products for sale (c) fuels used in farm machinery and farm tractors; (16) farm machinery and their replacement parts and attachments, used in planting, cultivating or harvesting farm crops, including bulk coolers (farm dairy tanks) used in the production and preservation of milk on dairy farms, and machines used in the production of poultry and poultry products on poultry farms, when such products are sold in the original state of production or preparation for sale. This exemption does not include automobiles or trucks;

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Q: What are the qualifications in South Carolina for an agricultural sales tax exemption?
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