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It depends on where you live, Google the city you live in then "Christian rap radio stations"

For example: Bismark ND Christian rap radio stations

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Q: What are the radio stations for Christian rap?
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What are the radio stations for rap?

Oh Rap station 101 i think that's what its called. It'son Pandora Internet Radio. Also there is Snoop Dog's radio which is good.

What are some national Christian Radio Stations that can be heard online?

Some examples of national Christian Radio Stations that can be heard online include K Love, Christian Teens and One Place. Another radio station you may be interested in is 1 Christan.

What radio station is on christian rap?

Rapstar 101 i believe

What religion is the band Switchfoot?

They're a Christian band and their songs are on Christian radio stations

What is Jeremy Camp's religion?

He's a Christian who loves Jesus and writes Christian songs on Christian radio stations.

Is the band the frey a Christian band?

The Fray is a not Christian band, but they play on Christian radio stations and their songs are not bad. They're like semi-Christian.

Why wont Christian radio stations not play switchfoots song mess of me?

Maybe you could request it on your radio station.

What are some christian music radio stations?

the only one i know of is The Message on XM radio

What is the definition of Christian rap?

what is the definition of christian rap?

What are some Christian radio stations for Northwest Indiana?

I listen to 89.7 Shine.FM and K-love 94.3.

Is Stellar Kart a Christian band?

Yes. They play all over Christian radio stations and their song "Me and Jesus" is featured on Wow hits 2008

Is Remedy Drive a christian band?

Yes. Their songs are on Christian radio stations, their song All Along is on WOW hits 2010.

What is the most common radio station for people that are 18-25 years old?

Each city has its own radio stations that people listen to. Those that are the most popular with listeners 18 to 25 years old, according to recent surveys, are stations that play hip hop and rap music.

Are there any techno radio stations?

There was a radio station that did play techno is Dallas, Texas. The radio station was 106.7, but now it's R&B, rap, and hip-hop station. They will sometimes play techno or music that is related to clubs.

Where can I found the internet radio stations?

I don't know where you can find the internet radio stations. You can call in to the local radio stations and they should have that information for you.

Is the song everything by Lifehouse Christian?

Jason Wade said at one of his concerts that it's not a christian song, yet a love song to his wife and everyone else who is in love. It should be noted though that Jason grew up in a Christian home during a time in which his parents served as missionaries over seas. Although little is published about Wade's faith his music remains extremely popular on Christian radio stations and in the Christian sector. Wade has even appeared on Christian radio stations in the past.

What radio stations play music from the 60s?

There are many radio stations that play music from the 60s. Examples of radio stations that play music from the 60s includes Live365 Internet Radio and the 60s Radio at TuneIn.

What is the difference between rap and christian rap?

The subject matter, Christian Rap is clean. Christian rap preaches a message, normally about the Christian lifestyle and way to live. Just regular rap music can be about anything, from violence to money problems, to bad days and bad relationships.

What is the name of the rap song where the rapper said my hero is Bart Simpson?

Are you talking about a rap from 1990 where there were clips from the show interspersed with the song and the last line was "My hero is Bart Simpson"? If so, it was called "The Bart Simpson Rap". At least, that's what the local radio stations referred to it as.

Who sang the song Run the Show?

The song "Run the Show" is sung by American R&B singer Kat Deluna. The radio version features a rap by Busta Rhymes. It was released to radio stations in 2009.

How many radio stations are in Uganda?

there is 2 radio stations in uganda.

Which stations broadcast radio Christmas music?

There are several radio stations that routinely broadcast Christmas music throughout the year. Some of these radio stations include specific Pandora stations, Life Radio Christmas, and Christmas Classics. During the Christmas season, however, most radio stations begin broadcasting Christmas music.

What type of radio station has a higher frequency?

FM radio stations have a higher frequency than AM radio stations.

Who is the best Christian rap artist?

the best christian rap artist is LeCrae.

Which countries have radio stations called Radio 101?

The countries that have radio stations called Radio 101 are Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Malta, United States of America, and Canada. There are also radio stations that have decimals after 101.