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The two main components for making methanol are carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. Methanol is used to produce energy and other chemicals.

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Sources of methanol?

Although methanol can be produced using a number of raw materials (feedstocks), natural gas is preferred.

How is Methanol produced?

Although methanol can be produced using a number of raw materials (feedstocks), natural gas is preferred. The methane in natural gas reacts with steam in a reaction called steam-methane reforming; the resultant synthesis gas then reacts with a catalyst to produce methanol and water vapor.

What is the antonym for raw materials?

Raw materials

Raw materials of respiration?

The raw materials are sugar and oxygen

What are raw materials and processed materials?

Raw materials are materials that have been harvested from the earth. Lumber, metal ores, and grain are all examples of raw materials. Processed materials are materials which have been refined or built by humans from raw materials. Examples would include paper, steel, or glass.

What are the raw materials of photosynthesis?

the raw materials are water and carbon dioxide

Where do cells get there raw materials for glycolysis?

Where do cells get the raw materials for glycolysis

Raw materials of light dependent reaction?

Raw Materials: -WATER

How can you describe raw materials?

Raw materials are materials that are used in the productions of goods and materials. They are the very basic materials and are feedstock for finished products.

What are the materials that are made in a chemical reaction in photosynthesis?

We call them raw materials. Raw materials are H2O and CO2.

How do plants get raw materials?

The plants get raw materials from soil, air and sun.

What are the raw materials for photosynethesis?

Water and Carbon dioxide are the raw materials in Photosynthesis

What are the Raw materials of silk pillows?

The raw materials that are made out of silk are polyster.

Identify the raw materials end products of respiration?

raw materials is in the respiration

How do raw materials become end products?

People to things to the raw materials.

What is a material for photosynthesis?

Those are are raw materials. CO2 andH2O are raw materials.

How are marketing process carry out for eg like raw materials what are the raw materials used in production and marketing and meaning of raw materials?

Carbon dioxide

What are inputs for the process of photosynthesis?

Raw materials are water and CO2. Energy is supplied by light

What are four raw materials plants use in the process of photosynthesis?

There are no 4 materials. H2O and CO2 are raw materials.

What are all of the raw materials?

All raw materials are the result of nuclear reactions in stars

What are some examples of raw materials?

examples of raw materials are Diamond, Suger and Aluminum.

What are the raw materials for celluar respiration?

The raw materials for the celluar respiration is :glucose & oxygen .

Advantage of raw materials?

Advantages of raw materials is that they can be used to make another product.

What are the defferent raw materials used in food preservation?

what are the raw materials in food preservation

What are the raw materials in photosynthesis?

The raw materials used in photosynthesis are carbon dioxide and water.

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