Pokemon Silver Gold and Crystal

What are the real Pokemon Games?

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Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and Pearl. They are the real ones because you start off and play as a Pokemon Trainer.

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In real life? No. In the Pokemon games? Yes. Are any other pokemon real in real life? NO, through they may look like real animals. But, in Pokemon games, they are all real.

Pokemon is not real, so unfortunately you cannot make your pokemon come into real life.

They are fan made games (Hacks) of other Pokemon games.

no where only in video games but if you think Pokemon are real but invisabile thene yes they are real

Pokemon are not real, they can only be found in the games, show, cards, etc.

Pokemon aren't real, they are only in the games, show, cards, etc.

Pokemon are not real, but you can play Pokemon games on Nintendo DS...etc.

Pokemon cannot become real, at all. They are only fictional creatures that you'll be able to train in the Pokemon games.

Not in the real world but it is available to catch in a couple of the pokemon games.

No. At least not yours. There is a graveyard in a few of the games which states that dead Pokemon rest there, but that is the only real mention of Pokemon death within the games.

Mewthree isn't a real Pokemon in any games. It is a Pokemon in a hacked game.

Not in real life, just in the Pokemon games. (as far as I know)

It is a fake pokemon in the hacked game Pokemon chaos black. There is no Mewthree in any real Pokemon games.

Pokemon Opal and Pokemon Onyx are not yet real Pokemon games.

No because fakes can't trade with real games

Pokemon Jade is a Pokemon Hack. It is NOT a real Pokemon game. If you bought it, you are an IDIOT. Seriously! There is no real Pokemon Jade, or anything like that! The real Pokemon games are: Red/Blue/Yellow/Green (JP) Gold/Silver/Crystal Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald FireRed/LeafGreen Diamond/Pearl/Platinum HeartGold/SoulSilver Black/White Those are all of the real Pokemon games.

Mewthree is not a real Pokemon in the Pokemon series of games or shows. It is a fan-made Pokemon.

Yes, Pokemon Emerald is a real game. However, as with all games, 'fake' copies are sometimes sold by 3rd parties.

This question needs a real answer not: ??????POO?????

Video games are fictional stories.

The new Pokémon games will be called HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Shino in the Pokemon series of video games and cartoons, is a city that is located in the country of Japan. They use real areas of Japan in their games, and cartoons.

i dont think those games are real, i think those are just fan made games

The Pokemon games sometimes feature Pokemon Braille puzzles. Braille is a real form of alphabet that is used by the blind.

Yes, but it is only available in the games by distribution events.

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