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Q: What are the reasons for the decreasing population of Hawaiian Green turtles?
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Related questions

Why are sea turtles decreasing in population?

They are eating trash, thinking it is prey. They also are having their eggs being found and stolen by people. Sea turtles are being hunted severely for certain parts of their body.

What do turtles mean in the Hawaiian culture?


What is the Hawaiian word for turtles?


How do you say 'love turtles' in Hawaiian?

Aloha Honu

How do you say turtles in Hawaiian?

Aloha; Say honu.

How many Hawaiian Green sea turtles are left?


Where do hawksbill sea turtles live?

around the Hawaiian islands and in southern Florida

What is the population of leatherback turtles?

Though there is no certain population of the Leatherback turtle, scientists have found a population of females nesting in in Gabon, West Africa. The population was between 15,730 and 41,373 female Leatherback turtles.

How many kemp ridley sea turtles are left in this world?

There are about 400-700 kemp ridley sea turtles left in this world but they breed very slowly and their numbers are decreasing rapidly.

What is the population of turtles?


Why is group of turtles called a bale?

There are a few reasons why a group of turtles is called a bale. This is because they look like bales.

What is the Burmese Peacock Turtles population?


Population of snapping turtles?

i say 120

What is a turtles population?

1 as there is only one

Why are sea turtles under water?

Although green sea turtles live most of their lives in the ocean, adult females must return to land in order to lay their eggs. Biologists believe that nesting female turtles return to the same beach where they were born. This beach is referred to as a natal beach. Often sea turtles must travel long distances from their feeding grounds to their natal beach. Just how sea turtles find their natal beaches is not known. Hawaii's green sea turtles migrate as far as 800 miles from their feeding areas along the coasts of the main Hawaiian islands to their nesting beaches in the Northwestern Hawaiian islands. Males accompany the females during the migration, which usually occurs in the late spring, and mate with them off the shores of the nesting beaches. The most popular nesting beaches are on French Frigate Shoals, where an estimated 90% of the Hawaiian population of green sea turtles mate and lay their eggs. Females do not mate every year, but when they do, they come ashore often- as many as five times every 15 days to make nests in the sand and lay eggs.

Why are humans a threat to sea turtles?

we hunt them for poaching reasons and we eat them

What is the population of flat back sea turtles?

It is 1165.

Where is the largest population of turtles?

It is in Africa

What is the population of sea turtles on earth?

500 million

What habitats do Hawaiian green turtles live in?

they spend most of their time in coastal, shallow waters with lush seagrass beds

What are some endangered species of the ocean?

Killer whales, dolphins, sea turtles and sharks. The northern fur seals, an estimated 1.2 million remain in the world today. The hawaiian monk seal with a population of around 1,000. The north Atlantic whale, which has a population around 350. The sea otter, there is roughly around 84,000 remaining in the world.

How many spotted turtles are there in the wild?

Figures are estimated, but there are believed to be anywhere from 30 to 1,205 turtles remaining. A big problem for the spotted turtle is that people remove them from the wild. This takes adult turtles from the population, and as a species that don't reproduce a lot, the population has entered dangerous status.

Why are Hawaiian green turtles endangered?

Early Hawaiins cosidered Green turtles as a source of food, tools, and ornamentation. When western culure came around thousands and thousands were harvested, and the population just couldn't keep up. There are a few more thngs that have kept thm endangered, like loss of nesting sites and other habitats. See related link for more information..

What is the population of red eared slider turtles?

There is not a stable population, but the red eared turtle population is thriving in many countries around the world.

Do people hunt turtles?

Sadly they do. Their beautiful shells like to be used for many reasons.