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Q: What are the reasons why Europeans enslaved africans?
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What did Europeans have the enslaved Africans do?

get a girl pregnant

What did europeans have enslaved africans do?

For merchants

For what kind of work did europeans use enslaved africans?

Europeans used enslaved Africans primarily for forced labor in industries such as mining, agriculture, and construction. Enslaved Africans were also used as domestic servants and in other forms of manual labor.

What kind of work did Europeans use enslaved African?

The kind of works that the Africans do for Europeans are farming crops. The Europeans donâ??t usually trust the Africans for them to be the middle man that is why they are usually placed on farms.

Why did the Europeans take enslaved Africans to the Americas?

They were looking for someone to work the land for them.

What did Europeans used enslaved Africans for?

Europeans used enslaved Africans for forced labor in plantations, mines, and households. Enslaved Africans were exploited to generate wealth for European colonizers through the production of crops like sugar, cotton, and tobacco. Additionally, they were involved in building infrastructure and providing various forms of labor across the New World colonies.

Why did slavery begin in the Americas?

There were four reasons they enslaved Africans 1)Africans were immune to the Europeans disease. 2)Africans had no one in America to help them escape. 3)they provided a permanent source of cheap labor. 4) many had worked on farms in their native lands

What was the most important element of African trade with Europeans in the 1500's?

themselves, enslaved africans.

Who were the first europeans to bring enslaved africans to America?

the English and french, they went together but on different ships.

Who were the first europeans to bring enslaved africans the Americas?

the English and french, they went together but on different ships.

Why did Europeans begin to acquire enslaved Africans?

access to an inexpensive workforce seemed like an attractive idea.

Why did Europeans import enslaved Africans to the Americas?

Initially slaves were brought to the Americas to work the sugarcane fields