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I think u r not at the time of interourse , u should not think about your any tension or problem (personal) which are distrubing you. Q i have no any type of problem and not distrub any kind of think

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โˆ™ 2009-05-01 07:50:56
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Q: What are the reasons why your penis gets soft at the middle of intercourse?
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What is wrong when your penis gets skinny in the middle?

no, that's normal.

When and how a girl gets pregenent?

Gennerally through sexual intercourse when the penis enters the vagina and ejaculates sperm that then fertilises an egg.

Does a larger hipped women require a larger penis for pleasure?

A larger hipped woman does not require a larger penis for pleasure. Any size penis can pleasure a woman... the pleasure a woman gets from the penis all depends on her state of mind at the time of intercourse or her general preference. If she is relaxed, comfortable and love or like the person who she is having intercourse with, penis size does not matter if her hips, Butt, legs, or breast are big or small.

While intercourse my penis gets soft but I manage to put sperms into my wife's vagina by mastrubation what are the chances of conception?

Sperm + Vagina = Possibility to get pregnant.

What happens when your penis gets erect?

It gets erect when the person is sexually excited. It stays erect until the person is no longer sexually excited then returns to it's normal flaccid state. The penis erects for sexual intercourse with another person or for masturbation. It is not a requirement for either of these things to happen because of the penis erecting though.

Is female peacock gets preganent without intercourse or gets preganent from licking male tears?


What to do when the penis gets locked in a vagina?

This shouldn't happen. The vaginal muscle is not usually strong enough to "lock" your penis in place during sexual intercourse. The only way I can think of for this to happen is if you have a ring on your penis. This may get stuck on the inside of the vagina causing great pain and discomfort to both of you.

Do you grow pubes before your penis gets bigger?

Your Pubes grow while your penis grows. But, a way to make your pubes grow faster is to shave them often. This is due to the genetical reasons of bilogical feends. To make your penis grow faster, this may sound crude but its true, it needs to be sucked. If you are in a relationship and your partner gives you oral, it will make your penis get bigger, not from growth, bbut it gets streched.

What are some reasons a penis could be tender?

For uncircumcised men, it is very common to have a tender penis head. This is because when the foreskin gets retracted, your penis is exposed to foreign substances. If you are worried about this, please consult your local healthcare professional. They will be able to examine you, and from there diagnose the problem.

When the penis enters the vagina does the vagina get bigger?

yes! it does! the more the penis gets deeper the more the vagina gets bigger!

When you put your penis in her back hole then she has suffer from a pain in her back hole?

Anal intercourse can indeed be painful for the female. Don't repeat the attempt if she gets hurt. If she is badly hurt she will hqve to see a doctor.

What gets heavier when it drys?

a penis

Do your penis get thick when in puberty?

Yes, the penis gets thick during puberty. Also there is an increase in penis length.

How does a guy break a virgin's hymen?

When penis gets tough to go in more, then best would be to withdraw one centimeter and give a sudden push. You could also break it by fingering her if you didn't want intercourse.

What does it mean when a guy gets it in?

The had sexual intercourse with that guy or girl

Does how tall you are affect how big your penis gets?

There is no correlation between height and penis size.

Is it enough to satisfy the girl with a 3 inch penis?

It should be enough to please any girl but it all depends on how the girl gets her satisfaction from sex. If she is understanding she will help you find a position that gives full penetration in intercourse.

What does it mean when a guy gets a boner?

It means that his penis is become erect and hard, because his body is preparing him for sex. Sometimes this can happen even if the man is not about to have sex. If a man becomes sexually aroused, the body prepares him for intercourse.

Is it normal that your penis gets smaller as it gets harder?

no. you need to get that checked out buddy

What happens to your penis when you shower?

it gets wet

What is squeezed out from sediments as it gets compressed?


My partner was drinking and his penis got soft but he didn't pull out and he trying two tell me that he didn't come in me the first time cause his penis got soft if your penis gets soft does sperm com?

ANSWER If a guy is having UNPROTECTED intercourse with a girl, and at some point loses his erection and doesn't have a complete ejaculation, there is still a very good chance that enough semen leaked out of his penis during the act and is sufficient to cause pregnancy.

Why does the penis shrivel?

your penis shrivels or gets soft because there is no blood flow going through it

What to do if soap gets in your penis?

If soap gets into your penis, it is painful to pee, but you have to get through it. painful as it is, you need to pee. Your pee will wash out the soap and the pain will go away.

How is AIDS transmitted from female to male during intercourse?

Actually a m very amazed that no 1 has answered this quetion. .....but the fact is that mainly body fluid plays a major role. When male penis fluid gets in touch with the female vegina's fluid then it gets transferred ; and hence it gets transmitted. If you wonna know more then contact to your personal docter.... :)