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I think u r not at the time of interourse , u should not think about your any tension or problem (personal) which are distrubing you. Q i have no any type of problem and not distrub any kind of think

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2009-05-01 07:50:56
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Q: What are the reasons why your penis gets soft at the middle of intercourse?
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What is wrong when your penis gets skinny in the middle?

no, that's normal.

What happens when the penis enters into the vagina?

This is known as sexual intercourse. After the penis is inserted into the vagina, typically the male proceeds to thrust his penis in and out of the vagina until orgasm is achieved.The vagina gets wet from the ejaculated fluids released from the penis.The female gets an orgasm when the penis enters the vagina.

When and how a girl gets pregenent?

Gennerally through sexual intercourse when the penis enters the vagina and ejaculates sperm that then fertilises an egg.

Does a larger hipped women require a larger penis for pleasure?

A larger hipped woman does not require a larger penis for pleasure. Any size penis can pleasure a woman... the pleasure a woman gets from the penis all depends on her state of mind at the time of intercourse or her general preference. If she is relaxed, comfortable and love or like the person who she is having intercourse with, penis size does not matter if her hips, Butt, legs, or breast are big or small.

How long do you have to keep your penis inside for pregnancy?

Whether or not a woman gets pregnant has nothing to do with how long a penis was inside her during intercourse, and everything to do with whether or not any seminal fluid makes contact with her vagina.

Is female peacock gets preganent without intercourse or gets preganent from licking male tears?


Do you grow pubes before your penis gets bigger?

Your Pubes grow while your penis grows. But, a way to make your pubes grow faster is to shave them often. This is due to the genetical reasons of bilogical feends. To make your penis grow faster, this may sound crude but its true, it needs to be sucked. If you are in a relationship and your partner gives you oral, it will make your penis get bigger, not from growth, bbut it gets streched.

What are some reasons a penis could be tender?

For uncircumcised men, it is very common to have a tender penis head. This is because when the foreskin gets retracted, your penis is exposed to foreign substances. If you are worried about this, please consult your local healthcare professional. They will be able to examine you, and from there diagnose the problem.

Why sometimes semen gets out during the intercourse?

your dumb.

When you put your penis in her back hole then she has suffer from a pain in her back hole?

Anal intercourse can indeed be painful for the female. Don't repeat the attempt if she gets hurt. If she is badly hurt she will hqve to see a doctor.

What gets heavier when it drys?

a penis

Why is there bloodshed durin the first intercourse?

After a female has intercourse for the first time she bleeds because her hymen gets broken.

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