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Q: What are the recommended portions for each of the macro nutrients?
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What is the basis for dividing the seventeen essentials plants nutrients into two classes of macro nutrients and micro nutrients?

the amount needed from each

What is the meaning of recommended dietary allowance?

The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) are quantities of nutrients that are required each day to maintain human health.

What is the recommended amount of specific nutrients that the average person should obtain each day called?

Daily Values

Macro definition and macro expansion insystem software?

the statement of expansion are generated each time the macro are invoked

What are the features or importance of micro and macro economics?

The important of each

Why should food be eaten from the five food groups?

Foods are categorized into groups according to the nutrients they contain. When you eat the recommended number of servings from each food group, you increase your chances of getting the nutrients you need for good health.

What are sources for each of the nutrients?

Give 2 sources of each nutrients?

What types of nutrients is found in each food groups in food pyramids?

what are the Major Nutrients in each food group?

What components of a food label can help consumers compare the amounts of nutrients in a food to the amount of that nutrient that is recommended for consumption each day?

Some manufacturers quote the weights of nutrients per average serving, and may also give their proportions to the guidelines. Otherwise you would have to calculate the proportion from what information is given, against the recommended amounts found from elsewhere.

Difference between macro and subroutine?

Subroutine: 1.When a task is to be done repeatedly then it is written as subroutine and this subroutine will be called each time to perform that task. 2.Subroutine program will be stored in some memory location and program control will be transfered to that location each time. 3.where as in macro the number of instructions will be less than subroutine.Here each time u call a macro that set of instructions will be inserted in that location. 4.macro doesn't have return statement while subroutine has. 5.memory requirement for macro is higher. 6.execution time of macro is lesser than subroutine.

What do all macro molecule have in common with each other?

they are all formed from the same elements

What do all macro molecules have in common with each other?

They all are formed from the same elements

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