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The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) are quantities of nutrients that are required each day to maintain human health.

the statement of expansion are generated each time the macro are invoked

Foods are categorized into groups according to the nutrients they contain. When you eat the recommended number of servings from each food group, you increase your chances of getting the nutrients you need for good health.

Give 2 sources of each nutrients?

Subroutine: 1.When a task is to be done repeatedly then it is written as subroutine and this subroutine will be called each time to perform that task. 2.Subroutine program will be stored in some memory location and program control will be transfered to that location each time. 3.where as in macro the number of instructions will be less than subroutine.Here each time u call a macro that set of instructions will be inserted in that location. 4.macro doesn't have return statement while subroutine has. 5.memory requirement for macro is higher. 6.execution time of macro is lesser than subroutine.

Some manufacturers quote the weights of nutrients per average serving, and may also give their proportions to the guidelines. Otherwise you would have to calculate the proportion from what information is given, against the recommended amounts found from elsewhere.

what are the Major Nutrients in each food group?

Essential nutrients are needed for an organism to survive. Each organism has their own essential nutrients.

What kind of soup? Each soup has different nutrients in it based on the ingredients.

4 macro skills -reading -writing -listening -speaking micro skills in reading -outlining -summarizing -guessing -inferencing -taking notes -predicting -confirming

They all are formed from the same elements

each of the classes of nutrients helps your body fontion and hepls you have a good life and heart

In general, micro analysis will be analyzing each individual part of a system. Macro analysis will be analyzing the system (or set of systems) as a whole.

The calorie-supplying nutrients are: fats (9 Cal per gram), carbohydrates (4 Cal per gram) and proteins (4 Cal per gram). While minerals, vitamins and water don't supply energy, their consumption in adequate quantities is necessary to support the proper functioning of our bodies and minds. In North America, the adequate intake of each macro- and micronutrient is recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in the form of the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) system.

micro is the study of individual person or a firm and macro eco. is the study of whole if we study about small than after study about big thats why they both depend each other.

Macros are essentially shorthand representations of arbitrary sections of the source code, which makes the source code succinct, while its (the macro template's) expansion replaces each of its presence prior to compilation. Whatever is there to do with Macros, it is done by the preprocessor, so that the source code is ready for compilation. Function is a calling routine, whence a large program is divided into separate portions, each portion doing a separate job, and proper calling of these portions in different places combines the works done by them into the required complete output. Thus functions have nothing to do with the preprocessing period, they are just compiled. To some extent function and macro is similar, for a macro can occasionally be invoked to perform a task that is generally entrusted to a function. But the similarity ends there.The differences are:Macro consumes less time. When a function is called, arguments have to be passed to it, those arguments are accepted by corresponding dummy variables in the function, they are processed, and finally the function returns a value that is assigned to a variable (except for a void function). If a function is invoked a number of times, the times add up, and compilation is delayed. On the other hand, the macro expansion had already taken place and replaced each occurrence of the macro in the source code before the source code starts compiling, so it requires no additional time to execute.Function consumes less memory. While a function replete with macros may look succinct on surface, prior to compilation, all the macro-presences are replaced by their corresponding macro expansions, which consumes considerable memory. On the other hand, even if a function is invoked 100 times, it still occupies the same space. Hence function is more amenable to less memory requirements.

Portions of it are read, several times each week.

Eat five portions of fruit or vegetables each day.

All of the nutrients work together with each other.

Simply because they're still growing. A balanced diet including five portions of fruit and vegetables each day provides developing bodies with the recommended daily allowance of most of the important vitamins and minerals.

No, the domestic macro economic environment doesn't impact each business the same way. Since businesses have different business models, the results of the macro economic environment depends on the business.

Three equal portions of two-thirds each.

There really isn't a perfect diet to have during pregnancy, or any other time of a woman's life. But she should intake a lot of nutrients. The mother and her baby both need a lot of nutrients. She should make sure that she eats the recommended amount of each food group.

I know that most antiviruses use a macro code database to identify and eliminate viruses. All a virus is comprised of is a very long list of code called macro. Each virus has a different code and each code allows the virus to have a different function. Antiviruses update their viral macro code database so that they know which codes to look for and once they identify a known viral macro they will delete it.

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