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to date the new Michael Jackson album MICHAEL has sold 6 million world wide its the biggest selling album of 2010 worldwide and it was only been out 2 weeks before the end of 2010


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Let's look at this in terms of record sales...Michael Jackson Record Sales: 750 MillionElvis Record Sales: 600 MillionThe Beatles Record Sales: 2.3 BillionANSWER: The Beatles

209,000,000 including album sales,recording studio profits,concert recipts,music single record sales etc.......

Many artists' album sales will rise posthumously. Most recently, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson have had soaring album sales.

Probably a lot from "this is it" sales. and every day album sales

Tommy Mattola is the head of Sony. Michael Jackson accused him of not promoting his "Invincible" album, calling him a "racist." Mattola said that U.S. record sales dropped because Jackson refused to tour in the United States.

Michael Jackson strange , according to what ?

Michael Jackson, without a doubt. Worldwide album sales: Michael Jackson - estimated over 400 million Metallica - 110 million

Michael Jackson - Thriller. 100-108 million sold worldwide.

The album sold around 1,000,000 million copies in per week when it was at its peak.

not positive but if I'd have to guess I'd say the Beatles or Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - ThrillerReleased: 1982Sales: 110 (Millions)

Michael Jackson- thriller- 100 million off one album. the beatles- 270 million whole career Elvis- 266 million whole career Michael Jackson- 150 million whole career.

It means Justin bieber's album has a large number of sales (the album has been purchased by many people) so if many people buy it. it became'd a record Never Say Never (the remixes) was at billboard no.1 position the album was the no.1 album bought by the people so it became's a record in the selling of album so we say record sales

Michael Jackson, was the biggest seller. Brittany spears That's all i know sorry :)

Metallica is an American metal band. They have made lots of record sales. Their self titled album has just hit 16 million sales.

500,000 sales on a single or album is needed for a gold record

In terms of sales his 2001 album Invincible would be considered the "worst", selling far less than any of his other albums.

181,000 copies in its first week 3rd Platinum album

A Platinum record is one million copies sold of a single or an album. A gold record is 500,000 copies sold single or album. Silver is only used in some countries.

MICHAEL JACKSON 1958-2009 RIPMany fans adored Michael Jackson during his lifetime. His death brought his music back into popularity and sales soared.

Their sales are currently estimated at 80 million (that's all of their record sales including albums)

It is without the slightest doubt,, Michael Jackson with his 1982 Thriller album.(over one hundred million) It is even said that maybe no artist will EVER come close to that. here's the list of all time.

It's not worth more than $2 or $3. It was one of the best selling albums ever, so there are thousands of thriller records still floating around. You can find them in record stores, thrift stores and garage sales everywhere.

The total Worldwide Record Sales of "Antichrist Superstar" is as of June 2013 a little bit over 16million copies. Total record sales for all Marilyn Manson Albums is 68million.

Debatably so. Michael holds the record for Record sales (Thriller) and for number one singles per album (Bad). With estimates reaching nearly 109Million copies of Thriller, there is not even a close second. Reaching No.1 in all nations, Thriller and Bad have made Michael a household name with chart topping singles from other records to boot. Others such as Elvis and The Beatles, though commendable, were NOT top sellers WORLDWIDE. Yes, Michael Jackson (Especially Following his death) Is now the most famous person in history.

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