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to date the new Michael Jackson album MICHAEL has sold 6 million world wide its the biggest selling album of 2010 worldwide and it was only been out 2 weeks before the end of 2010

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:09:06
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Q: What are the record sales of Michael Jackson new album?
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How much money did Michael Jackson earn from the album thriller per album from the record sales?

175 million

Who has the most album sales to date between Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder?

Michael Jackson

How much are the nine records by Michael Jackson worth?

209,000,000 including album sales,recording studio profits,concert recipts,music single record sales etc.......

Whose album sales have increased after their death?

Many artists' album sales will rise posthumously. Most recently, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson have had soaring album sales.

Who are all time record sales leaders?

Michael Jackson strange , according to what ?

Who has the most album sales to date between Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston?


Who is Tommy Mattola and why did Michael Jackson not like him?

Tommy Mattola is the head of Sony. Michael Jackson accused him of not promoting his "Invincible" album, calling him a "racist." Mattola said that U.S. record sales dropped because Jackson refused to tour in the United States.

Who sold more records Metallica or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson, without a doubt. Worldwide album sales: Michael Jackson - estimated over 400 million Metallica - 110 million

Who has the Most album sales ever?

Michael Jackson - Thriller. 100-108 million sold worldwide.

Who has most album sales of all time?

not positive but if I'd have to guess I'd say the Beatles or Michael Jackson

What are the most albums sold world wide?

Michael Jackson's Thriller album with about 110 million sales world wide.

What artist has the highest album sales?

Michael Jackson- thriller- 100 million off one album. the beatles- 270 million whole career Elvis- 266 million whole career Michael Jackson- 150 million whole career.

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