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Cairo and the Nile - 1904 was released on:

USA: 1904


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The Nile runs through Cairo.

Yes, the Nile actually runs through Cairo.

Cairo is the capitol city of Egypt, the Nile is a river, is the longest in the world and it flows through Cairo.

The Nile River goes through Jinja, Juba, Khartoum, and Cairo.

Yes, the river Nile actually flows through Cairo.

Cairo is located in the north of Egypt below the Nile Delta and the Nile River runs through it.

Cairo - the Nile runs through it.

Cairo gets most of its freshwater from the Nile River.

Yes, the Nile flows through Cairo which is the capital of Egypt.

The Nile actually flows through the city of Cairo. Walking along the Nile is a popular pastime as is taking a felucca (traditional sailboat) ride on the Nile.

cairo tower/nile river/ downtown

The River Nile flows through Cairo, Egypt.

No they converge at Khartoum in Sudan

he River Nile is the only body of water at Cairo.

The best hotels in Cairo according to Trip Advisor are as follows: the Kempinski Nile hotel, The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza and the Fairmont Cairo. All 3 are Travellers' choice 2013 winners.

The Nile runs through "Cairo" and "Giza". Cairo is the capital but Giza is a bigger tourist area.....

No - The source of the River Nile is the confluence, near Khartoum in Sudan, of the White Nile and Blue Nile

Cairo is the main city that the Nile flows through

No. It is a couple of miles away from the River Nile.

The river Nile which actually flows through Cairo.

Cairo is Egypt's largest city and is the capital. It is near the head of the River Nile delta.

The Nile River flows through Cairo, Egypt. There are also seasonal tributaries that feed into the Nile or form the Nile Delta, connecting the river to the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Cairo is on the Nile River. The water goes through water treatment facilities and then is pumped into Cairo.

Cairo is located near the delta of the Nile River. It is also the largest city in Africa, and is very close to the Middle East.

the cities along the river Nile are Cairo, Aswan and Khartoum

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