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The New Price Is Right - 1972 - 18.88 was released on:

USA: 26 January 1990


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Passions - 1999 1-1888 was released on: USA: 13 December 2006

Bonamy Price died in 1888.

Margaret Evans Price was born in 1888.

Hal Price Headley was born on 1888-12-19.

You Are There - 1953 The Hatfield-McCoy Feud January 1 1888 3-29 was released on: USA: 20 March 1955

There are five victims that have historically been "generally accepted" as victims of Jack the Ripper. These five are often refered to as the "canonical" victims. Mary Ann Nichols 31 August 1888, Annie Chapman 8 Sept. 1888, Elizabeth Stride 30 Sept. 1888, Catherine Eddowes 30 Sept. 1888 and Mary Jane Kelly 9 November 1888.

Flowing hair silver dollars were only struck in the 1790s. Silver dollars dated 1888 should carry the Morgan design. Please check again and post a new question.

March 27 1888 was a Tuesday.

The earliest discovery leading to the development of LCD technology, the discovery of liquid crystals, dates from 1888

There were no contact lenses in 1888.

Santa Claus and the Children (1887-1888) November 1887-1888 Santa Claus (1887-1888) September 1887-1888 UK

Kaiser Wilhelm I (1871-1888) Kaiser Frederich III (1888) Kaiser Wilhelm II (1888-1918)

2 January 1888 was a Monday.

Prussia 1876 - 1888, then Germany 1888 - 1918

There were 38 stars on the flag in 1888.

in the year of 1888 in the year of 1888

There was no British 1888 Five Pound coin minted. The Five Pound coin with the Jubilee portrait of the Queen was only minted for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee year of 1887. During her reign the only other dates, with different designs, were 1839 and 1893. A number of forgeries dated 1888 are known.

A very large part of Poland was incorporated in Russia in 1888. The rest was in Austria and Prussia. There was no Polish state or government in 1888.

Queen Victoria was the monarch in 1888. She ruled until 1901.

Rounded to two decimal places, 2009/1888 = 1.06

what is the value of a 1888 O silver dollar

December 25, 1888 fell on a Tuesday.

These two coins would be referred to as: Indian Head cents. In 1887, there were ~45,224,000 coins minted; in 1888, the US Mint produced ~37,490,000 coins. Therefore, the 1888 coin is worth a bit more because fewer were minted. Take 2 - The "TRICK" here is to get the question right . . . it should be stated as "Why are 1888 pennies worth more than 1887 pennies?" And the answer? - Because there is one more penny.

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