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The New Price Is Right - 1972 - 18.91 was released on:

USA: 31 January 1990


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Passions - 1999 1-1891 was released on: USA: 18 December 2006

Byron Price was born in 1891.

William Philip Price died in 1891.

Dateline NBC - 1992 10 Amazing Crimes Caught on Tape 17-1891 was released on: USA: 30 March 2008

A 1891 Indian Head 1 cent coins retail price is $1.00- $10.00 in circulated condition.

Please post a new question with the coins' dates and mint marks. Alternately you can check a price guide such as the one linked below.

The Price of Wool. It caused industrial chaos with strikes across the continent.

They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.They won it once, in 1891.

That's an extremely broad question. It would take pages to list all of the specific dates for each denomination, but the ranges for silver certificates are shown below.For many bills the dates shown are "series" dates rather than printing dates. A series used to start when there was a major change like a new design. Once a series began the same date was used until another major change came along. Some series dates were used for as much as 3 decades!$1: 1886-1957$2: 1886-1891$5: 1886-1953$10: 1878-1953$20: 1878-1891$50: 1878-1891$100: 1878-1891$500: 1878-1880$1000: 1878-1891

The cost of a First Class US postage stamp in 1891 was 2 cents. It was lowered from 2 cents for half an ounce in July of 1885. It stayed at that price until the temporary raise in November of 1917.

1891 is not prime. 1891 = 31 * 61

look on right side of gun just above trigger to see if any dates stamped on it. I have one that has 4 dates stamped on it ranging from dec 15 1891 aug 1 1896 aug 14 1900 to may 27 1902

Yes, but only during the 19th century - series dates are 1878, 1880, and 1891.

Many of the coins are worth a price close to $150 each. The amount of the coin will vary will depend upon the condition of it.

Everton were the Football League Champions in 1891.

1891 in Britain was not a Silver Jubilee year for anyone or anything.

Territorial Governor George Washington Steele.

The zipper was invented in 1891 and is credited to W.L. Judson of the United States

April 8, 1891 fell on a Wednesday.

1891 mille huit cent quatre-vignt-onze

The team that won the SFA cup in 1891 was Hearts.

Lynn Bank Block was created in 1891.

At different times during the 19th century, silver certificates were printed in all denominations from $1 to $1000. In the 20th century, only $1, $5, and $10 silver certificates were issued. The date ranges are as follows; because these are series dates rather than printing dates, bills were often printed in later years as well. $1: 1886 - 1957 $2: 1886 - 1899 $5: 1886 - 1953 $10: 1880 - 1953 $20: 1878 - 1891 $50: 1878 - 1891 $100: 1878 - 1891 $500: 1878 - 1880 $1000: 1878 - 1891

There was no 1891 British Two Pound coin issued.

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