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hi i am wanting to know what the legal requirments for secondary schools for children with special needs please can you help

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Q: What are the relevant legal requirements covering the needs of disabled children and those with special educational needs?
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When did America begin educational reform for the disabled?

That is a very recent thing. In the 1970's laws were passed concerning special needs children and how schools would handle their needs. The laws stated that there was to be an educational plan for each child and that a committee of teachers, administrators, and specialty people were to meet to write a plan. Timelines were set and other requirements.

What are the legal requirements for facilities to cater for disabled participants?

the legal requirements for them is slopes, automatic doors, disabled parking.

Do disabled children understand they are being abused?

No disabled children do not understand that they are being abused.

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Where are there boarding schools that provide therapy for disabled children?

The best place to start is with your local public school. They can help give you the phone numbers to the state board of education that have educational programs designed for your son's developmental disabilities.

How do you say disabled children in spanish?

Niños incapacitados

What type of people got evacuated?

children and disabled

What degree do you need for looking after disabled children?


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