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New Yorkers in 1664 had freedom of Religion. Any Religion could move to New York.

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Q: What are the religious freedoms New York had?
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When was New York Pancyprian-Freedoms created?

New York Pancyprian-Freedoms was created in 1974.

Where is the Freedoms Journey Foundation in New York New York located?

The address of the Freedoms Journey Foundation is: 231 W 142Nd St, New York, NY 10030

What is the phone number of the Freedoms Journey Foundation in New York New York?

The phone number of the Freedoms Journey Foundation is: 212-234-4926.

Did religious groups live in new york in the 1600s?

yes, but new york was extremely diverse and allowed religious freedom.

Why was New York colony founded?

The New York Colony was founded for religious freedom

Why was new hamshire founded?

New Hampshire was founded by JOHN Mason they found it because they wanted more of religious freedoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does nyu have a religious association?

New York university has no religious association.

What is the main religious requirements of New York?

New York State as one of the United States of America has no religious requirements. The citizens of New York may follow any religion that they choose or none if they choose.

Why were many settlers attracted to the New Jersey colony?

Many sought the political and religious freedoms in the colony.

Was there religious freedom in colonial new york?

There was religious freedom in colonial New York. This is evidenced by the fact that there were different religions in the colony but the main one was Protestantism.

Reason New York colony was founded?

new york colony was founded because of religious freedom

What are the reasons for settlement in New York colony?

The reasons of settlement in the colony of New York was for religious freedom.

Is NYU a religious school?

New York University is a diverse school with many different deities and beliefs laced into its population. However New York University itself is not a religiously school. New York University does not have a religious association.

Which middle colony promised religious freedom?

It is be new york, new jersey, or pennsylvania.

What religious group was associated with New York?


What religious were to be found in colonial New york?


What religious buildings are there in new york?

a couple churches.

What was the major religion and religious belief in new Netherlands New York?


Which southern colonies were founded for religious freedoms?

Maryland and Georgia were founded for religious freedom.

Did New York and Pennsylvania have religious freedom?

yes both did

What is New York's religious beliefs in 1664?

Church of England.

What group of religious people lived in Colonial New York?

Various religions settled in the New York colony. New York colony wanted all faiths to join in the colony.

Did Colonial New York have religious tolerance?

yes, actually, they did. Originally New York was a Dutch colony. When the British colonist took over they brought the Anglican Church. While there is no official document proclaiming religious toleration, they remained very lax and it is probable that by the time of the revolution there were several different religious groups in the New York colony.

What was the reason for settlement in New York?

New York was actually New Netherland to start but, most of the 13 colonies were formed for the basic reason of religious freedom.

How did the Great Awakening affect New York?

It was a British religious movement the swept over the colonies so it brought religion to New York