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Not a clue, but I would suggest calling a local New Jersey attorney.

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Q: What are the repossession laws for New Jersey?
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What are the repossession laws in Wisconsin?

See the links below for the repossession laws and other information for Wisconsin.

What are the New Jersey Car Insurance laws?

Read up on New Jersey insurance laws at the New Jersey government webpage, they will have detailed information on the laws and policies of state. They will vary from state to state, so it is wise to research and learn the laws before heading out on the road in that state.

What are the laws and regulations for riding a motorcycle in New Jersey?

contact any DMV in New Jersey and they will tell you

How were laws enforced in the colony of New Jersey?

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Who make laws for New Jersey?

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To create and pass laws regarding the State of New Jersey.

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Can you collect New Jersey unemployment and move to Kentucky?

You can as long as you comply with the New Jersey laws relating to unemployment compensation.

Does the state of New Jersey have capital punishment laws?


Did the new jersey colony have rules or laws to follow?


Who made laws in the colony of New Jersey?

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What are the repossession laws in New York?

Repossession without judicial process is allowed if the lender has not breached peace. A lender repossessing an automobile must issue a notice to the borrower, and a lender can sell an item via public auction after repossession.

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