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  1. gene of interest 2.molecular scissor 3.molecular carrier or vector 4.expression system .These are the requirments for recombinant DNA technology.
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Q: What are the requirements for recombinant DNA technology?
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What is used to make many copies of DNA?

Recombinant DNA technology PCR

What used to copy DNA?

Recombinant DNA technology

What is the substance required to cleave the vector DNA during recombinant DNA technology?

A restriction enzyme, also called a restriction endonuclease, is needed to cleave vector DNA when using recombinant DNA technology.

Describe one similarity between PCR and recombinant DNA technology.?

PCR is the abbreviation for polymerase chain reaction. It is similar to recombinant DNA technology in that both have the ability to sequence DNA.

Why cleavage of DNA is done in recombinant DNA technology?

Recombinant DNA technology is the most emerging technique for the production of DNA for the useful bio-materials like insulin. So to produce recombinant DNA two different DNA is rejoined. so cleavage is done to extract the desired DNA and then joined again.

What is a recombinant enzyme?

Enzymes derived from recombinant DNA technology as opposed to naturally occurring enzymes

What genetic technology is primarily responsible for the genetic technology revolution?

recombinant DNA

How can recombinant DNA technology be used to combat HIV infections?

How can recombinant DNA technology be used to combat HIV infections?

What is the final product of recombinant DNA technology?

Typically a protein.

Methods of microbial strain improvement?

recombinant DNA technology

Splicing DNA from two different organisms produces a new DNA segment called?

When DNA contains parts from two or more organisms it is recombined. Recombinant DNA is often used in genetic engineering. A natural process of DNA recombination is called sexual reproduction.

What is the most commonly used method of cloning?

recombinant dna technology