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Q: What are the requirements for successful agriculture?
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What activities were the Mayans particularly successful?

They were most successful in agriculture. :)

What did fertile soil and plentiful water led to?

successful agriculture

What does agriculture yields mean?

Agriculture is farming. Yields is what you get out of it. So it's about how successful, how much money, farming brings in.

How did the Sumerians develop successful agriculture?

This mainly had to do with the invention of irrigation systems.

What requirements are needed to obtain a job at the Department of Agriculture?

There are many different jobs available at the Department of Agriculture. Depending on which job one is applying for job requirements range from high school diploma to post graduate education.

What crop growth would be more successful on farm?

green agriculture da


the requirements that must be met for an engineering solution to be successful

Why was agriculture more successful in the middle colonies in the north?

Because more land could be farmed

What are seven requirements for copreneurship to be successful?

The seven requirements for copreneurship to be successful includes reaching customers, differentiating your product, pricing, selling, and delivery - distribution. It also includes supporting customers and achieving customer satisfaction.

What are the Major requirements for successful market segmentation?

Identifiable and measurable substantial accessible responsive

Why was agriculture more successful in the middle colonies than that in the North?

Because more land could be farmed (apex)

Why was agriculture important to the economy of the Southern Colonies?

many of their crops were successful , and also their economy started to do well too.