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The laws will vary by state. can be helpful

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Q: What are the requirements to get a legal nurse consulting certification?
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How do i start down the path of getting my legal nurse consulting certification?

to start your legal nurse consulting certification. you need to contact the state board of nurshing from your state and you need to get the permission from them you can ask them

Is it legal for a nurse with a certification to do consulting on the side?

A nurse can typically also provide consulation on the side. You should check with your employer for clarification.

What careers can I begin with a legal nurse consulting certification?

a legal nurse consultant will help lawyers understand medical documents. They will help with cases like lawsuits about contaminated water or drug side effects.

How can I obtain a legal nurse consulting certification online?

The certification can be obtained through many avenues online. You can visit Penn Foster or Kaplan University and take the course through them.

What school in the city is offers certification for consulting legal nurse?

Without knowing your city, I can't give an exact answer. Here's the website for the certification body that governs legal nurses: . They can help you find the closest location.

As a nurse, I would like to find out how I can obtain a legal consulting certification?

To obtain that, you can actually attend online classes to get your certification. One such place you could seek more information, would be

How much does it cost to get legal nurse consulting certification?

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants offers a complete course with resource library at a discounted price for AALNC members of $1585. Non-member are charged $1800 for the course.

How can I obtain a Legal Nurse Consultant Certification online?

The American Association for Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) website has the information on their website, You can actually submit your name and email address to request information on the online certification program. On the American Institute of Health Care Professionals website ( there is a page dedicated to the American College of Legal Nurse Consulting. This page has links to approved certification programs and online applications.

Where can I go for a legal nurse consulting certification in Cleveland?

The following site will give you the list of all schools and programs for legal nurse conculting certificate in your area, Just type in the area of your choice. The link to this website is

Do you know where I can get a legal nurse consultant certification?

There are many legal nurse consultant certification available in the internet. Check out for the information's you need. They will provide it for you.

does gateway offer a course in legal nurse consulting?

Yes they do

Do I have to have a degree in Legal Nurse Consulting to practice?

From my research, a degree in legal nurse consulting is needed in order to practice it. Otherwise, anyone could do this and that would not necessarily be a good thing. Check out for more information.

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