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== == Contact the State in Harrisburg, and ask that question.

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Q: What are the requirements to start a collection agency in Pennsylvania?
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How to start a travel agency in Ontario?

What are requirements to be a authorised travl agent in Ontario, Canada?

How can you start a home health agency in Oregon?

starting a home health agency in Oregon requires a licensure from your state. There are several other requirements that you have to meet.

When does the statute of limitation start on a credit card?

The SOL begins when an account is considered in default. SOL's only apply to lawsuits, they do not halt collection procedures by the OC or an assigned collection agency.

How long is the sol when a debt is transferred from collection agency to collection agency does the date of last activity that starts the sol change or is it actually from start of the deliquence from?

The SOL is from the "date of last activity" from the ORIGINAL creditor. State laws varied, but most are within 4 to 5 years from the dla.

What to do if a School goes into a collection agency?

I presume your question is in regards to a bill for tuition (and perhaps other fees) claimed by the school, and that the school has sold this debt to a collection agency. I am convinced that tuition for education/training services is unsecured debt. Of course the school can withhold certificates that were to be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the education, and may not list you as matriculated/graduated in their records until they are satisfied. As you indicate that the school has sold the debt to a collection agency, then such action to suspend the economic value of the education probably has already happened. So now you have an unsecured debt being pursued by a collection agency -- the same as all other unsecured debts being pursued by collection agencies. Apparently, you are about to learn-the-hard-way about the details of such collections. If the collection agency does not get you to make payment that is adequate for a negotiated settlement between you and them, then they might resell the debt to another collection agency that will start pursuing you again, or simply give-up pursuing you, or bring a civil suit against you.

How do you start a Debt collection agency?

This is not a question that can be answered quickly. One of the first things that a person needs to do is to determine if owning their own business is right for them. What are the traits of an Entrepeneur, and do they have those traits? The next step will be, if indeed running a business is the right move, is deciding if a debt collection is the right business. Take stock of what starting a debt collection agency entails and what it takes to run it. There are many laws to be familiar with and to be in compliance with in order to run any business and this is true for a debt collection agency as well. Additionally a debt collection agency has laws that are specific to it by state and Federal regulations. The FDCPA is an example of one such law which regulates what a debt collector can and cannot do in attempt to collect a debt. Determining the start up capital and equipment that is needed and how one will secure it is part of the procedure for launching a debt collection agency. If you need to get financing from a bank you will need to have a very good business plan detailed and ready to go. Once you have gotten this far then you need to market your agency to secure clients.

If you dispute a debt from a collection agency and send it with delivery confirmation does the 30 days start from the date they received the letter?

yes. It begins when the letter is signed for. This is why it is very important to always send a letter of dispute via registered mail. The 30 days has nothing to do with the collection agency and it's requirement to prove the validity of a debt. The 30 days applies to the consumers right to dispute a debt after receiving written notification of the debt. There is no time constraint on the collection agency to get the proof to the consumer. However, they must stop all collection activities until they do provide the proof.

When a collection agency buys a debt from a credit card company does a new statute of limitations start from the day it was purchased or does the collection agency's statute remain the same?

The statute of limitations starts counting immediately when you made the last payment to either the credit card company or the collection agency. If you ever make a payment to either of them the statute of limitations will start over. If you have not made any payments to the credit card company recently and the credit card company sells the debt to the collection agency, the collection agency's statute of limitations will be from the date that you last paid the credit card company. Furthermore, if the statute of limitations is over and the collection agency continues to keep collecting the debt, you can send them a letter (certified is the preferred method) to stop all contact with you. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), they would be required to stop immediately upon receipt of the letter (unless they are taking legal action in a court then they can send you legal notices only). If they do not stop, you are entitled to collect monetary damages as outlined in the FRCA. This does not stop the collection agency from reporting to your credit report. Your credit reporting falls under a different set of rules which basically removes most collections debts (except for court judgements) after 7-10 years.

Legal Procedure to get back a personal loan in US?

Get back a personal loan. Is it in default? Contact loan company or debt collection agency and start making payments.

What places in Pennsylvania start with an a?

Allentown is a city in Pennsylvania.

If a debt is sold to another company for collection does it take another 7 years from the transfer of debt for it to come off your credit report in California?

The date of first delinquency should be the date that starts the clock for the 7 years. Meaning if you went 30 days late in April 2005, on a credit card, and then 60, 90 then 120, then the account would go to charge off status but the date of first delinquency would be April 2005. In CA, 4 years from the date of first delinquency is within the statute of limitations is in effect that a creditor or collection agency can sue you for the amount owed. This will vary from state to state, If the collection agency sells the collection to another collection company, the start date is the date of first delinquency, April 2005. If the collection agency changes the date, that is called re-aging and is illegal unless you set up new terms with collection agency

What happens to your auto loan when you stop paying on it for a long period of time?

You start getting letters from a collection agency then guys like me buy out your contract & repossess you if and when seen.

Pennsylvania cities that start with v?

There are no cities or towns in Pennsylvania that start with a 'V' but there may be boroughs or townships that do,

Things that start with g in Pennsylvania?

Greensburg is a city in Pennsylvania

What are the best stamps to start out with when building a long-term collection?

Collection of ‘First day covers’ is the best way to start long term stamp collection.

Does transferring a debt to another collection agency exend the time it appears on credit report?

No! You need to be careful if considering paying the collection agency. At that point it will start the 7 years entry. Bad credit remains on a credit report 7 years from the last date of activity, in other words, the date you make a payment. Make sure you negotiate a deletion prior to paying any collection account. Source: Credit Bible by Phil Turner.

Can a collection agency charge you more money than what your credit report states you owe?

Yes. Remember that credit repost are usually any where from 30 to 90 days behind. So, if a debt was originally $100.00 when it was turned over to collection, the collection agency can then start adding their own late charges which gets added to the original amount. So the credit report may say $100.00 but after the late fees it may actually now be more.

Important places in Pennsylvania that start with an n?

· New Castle, Pennsylvania

What is the statute of limitations on an unpaid debt in south carolia state that a collection agency may pursue?

The limitation is 3 years. The start of that time is the last acknowledgement of the debt, which could a payment.

How can I start a debt attorney agency in Augusta?

In order to start a debt collection agency, you will need funds to purchase the "bad debt" portfolios from creditors. You will need to train staff in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You will need to hire tracers and tracer software and purchase access to the three credit bureaus. You will need dialer technology and all the software and equipment required to run it as efficiently as possible. Start by creating a detailed business plan in order to know the costs of start up. Some collection agencies are founded/managed by an attorney or more than one attorney as a way of sounding more important/threatening/legal/powerful/sinister, etc. Attorneys do not make collection calls, collectors do. All this activity is governed by federal and state law.

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