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When was Kingfisher Airlines created?

Kingfisher Airlines was created in 2004.

What are the classification of a kingfisher AIRLINES?

kingfisher first, kingfisher classic, kingfisher red

Kingfisher Red is the former name of which airlines?

13."Kingfisher Red" is the name of which former airlines?

When was Kingfisher Airlines financial crisis created?

Kingfisher Airlines financial crisis was created in 2004.

When did Kingfisher Airlines Tennis Open end?

Kingfisher Airlines Tennis Open ended in 2007.

When was Kingfisher Airlines Tennis Open created?

Kingfisher Airlines Tennis Open was created in 1996.

How long have Kingfisher Airlines been in business?

Kingfisher Airlines has been in business for approximately 30 years.

What is the business class in Kingfisher Airlines called?

Kingfisher First

Are there TVs on kingfisher airlines?


Who is the MD of kingfisher airlines?

Md of kingfisher airline is Abhishek Kumar Rai

Who is the owner of kingfisher airlines?

Vijay Mallya

When was kingfisher airlines started?

8th MAY 2004

Is there some unsuccessful companies in India?

Kingfisher Airlines

How many employees does Kingfisher Airlines have?


Which airlines has tied up with Andhra Bank to sell its tickets through ATMs?

Kingfisher Airlines...

Is kingfisher airlines listed in Bombay stock exchange?


How many planes does kingfisher airlines have?

6 are its own aircraft

Contact pH no of kingfisher OFFICE at kolkata?

what is the full address of the corporate office of kingfisher airlines in kolkata.

Who is the ownerof kingfisher beer in INDIA?

Dr. Vijay Mallya is is the Chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher Airlines, united breweries grop manufacture kingfisher beer

What is Physical evidence in kingfisher airlines with respect to 7ps?

Kingfisher Airlines started its operations on May 9, 2005 with a fleet of 4 Airbus A320 aircraft's. Kingfisher Airlines was the first airline in India to operate with all new aircraft. On June 15 2005 Kingfisher Airlines became the first Indian airline to order the Airbus A380, to be delivered by 2014 Fleet size of 73 and 137 orders placed The planes have the best in-flight facilities that match world class standards

What airlines go from London to India?

Air India / British Airways / Jet Airways / Kingfisher Airlines / Virgin Atlantic.

Which all Boeing aircraft are there in kingfisher airlines Mumbai?

The Kingfisher planes use the Airbus planes made in France planes for its fleet. Not the Boeing.

Who owns kingfisher airlines?

vijay mallay who owns force 1 gp

What is the best time and day to fly for a cheap airline ticket?

kingfisher airlines

Fly the Good Times is a Tagline of which Indian Airline Company?

kingfisher airlines

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