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What are the responsibilities of a dentists?

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What are the responsibilities of dentists?

Dentists are responsible for cleaning teeth of children and adults. They also fix crooked teeth braces and retainers and can pull teeth, as well.

Where do dentists work?

dentists usually work in a dentists office where they can treat patients.

Do they have dentists in prisons?

Yes. They do have dentists in prison. Dentists in correctional facilities make an average of $100/hour.

How many dentists in the world?

How many dentists are there in the World ?

Where online can I find local periodontics dentists?

To look for local periodontics dentists, go to and search for Periodontics. You can also look under Dentists to find a listing of dentists and their specializations.

What is the dentists job?

DENTISTS - dentists help us to make our dental care better dentists teach us how to make our teeth nicer :3 :3 :3

All about Dentists?

dentists are doctor's who help to make your teeth beautiful.

How many dentists are there in Canada?

in january 2010, 19563 dentists in canada.

How many dentists are there in Indonesia?

it's about 19.000 registered dentists in Indonesia

In what ways are cosmetic dentists different from regular dentists?

Cosmetic dentists usually just repair the teeth by removing or fixing the tooth. While a regualar dentists they do teeth cleaning and help you with any cavaities that you may have.

What do dentists use gold for?

Dentists use gold to make crowns and inlays.

When was The Secret Lives of Dentists created?

The Secret Lives of Dentists was created in 2003.

Do dentists use investment casting?

Dentists have utilized the process since 1897

Which dentists in Texas will do tooth implants?

Most qualified dentists will offer tooth implant services. This is a standard (albeit painful) procedure that dentists will offer.

Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?

It would be very difficult to do dental work on oneself there's no way to see what you're doing. Therefore, dentists must go to other dentists to have procedures performed.(:

What is the plural possessive of dentist?

The plural form of the noun dentist is dentists.The plural possessive form is dentists'.example: The dentists' offices are in the third building down.

What are the highest rated dentists in Phoenix?

Here's a magazine article that covers that: . Also, a site where dentists are rated: .

Who pulls teeth and immediately puts dentures in?

I think dentists used to do that but they are special kind of dentists. They are called Impant dentists. (But this is only for putting in dentures).

What is the duration of The Secret Lives of Dentists?

The duration of The Secret Lives of Dentists is 1.73 hours.

How successful is dental bone grafting?

did you know that dentists have the highest rate of suicide for dentists.

Do dentists use science?

Dentists do in fact use science in their careers. Dentists need to know how much numbing medicine will be appropriate for certain procedures based on the person.

Are dentists scary?


How many hours a do dentists work a week?

Dentists set usually set their own hour

Why do dentists wear scrubs?

cause the dentists' procedures can be for a long time and scrubs can afford the comfort

How much money do dentists make a day?

dentists make about 500-700 dollars a day

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