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The buy one get one half will apply to the same kind of shoes like all womens or all mens. The second shoe has to be of the same value or more expensiv.

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Q: What are the restrictions for Payless coupons?
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Do I need to use Payless coupons for the buy one get one free?

Payless buy one get one free offers are taken at the register. Some restrictions do apply, but no coupons are needed.

Does the Payless Shoe coupon have any restrictions?

Yes, you may use your Payless Shoes coupons on sale items. Unless the coupon states sale items or anything else is excluded, you can use the coupons on anything in the store.

Does Payless offer coupons on any shoes they sell?

Coupons at Payless are valid for any paid of shoes that the coupon specifies. For an in store coupon, you should be able to use them on anything. There are sometimes restrictions on Mens vs Women's shoes that you will have to be aware of.

Can I use the payless shoe coupon on clearance shoes?

It depends on the coupon. Most of the coupons will have restrictions on what it can be used for. Most of the time this includes clearance items.

Can Payless coupons be used for shopping online?

Yes, Payless coupons can be used online on their website. You just need to enter the coupon code, when requested.

Will Payless accept coupons after the expiration date?

Payless does not accept coupons that are expired. However you may be able to use this coupon online before it expires.

Can Payless coupons be scanned from a smart phone or an iPod touch?

It is possible for Payless coupons to be scanned from a smartphone or an iPod touch if they have a scanner that can be connected to them with a USB cord.

Where is the best website to get Payless Shoe coupons?

The best website is the Payless Shoe website. Just sign up for their newsletter and you will receive information about special offers and coupons. Or you can go to websites such as US Promo Codes and RetailMeNot for Payless coupons. (See Related Links.)

Where can I get Payless coupon codes?

Get free Payless coupon codes & printable coupons to save on the seasons favorite shoes & styles. Find printable coupons for store savings from

Is this Payless coupon good all month long?

You will have to see the expiration on the coupon. The Payless coupons usually do not last for an entire year.

Can you use a photocopied Payless coupon?

Sometimes, Payless will in fact let you use these coupons. I will not count on this though. It will be better for you to have the actually coupon.

Are there any restrictions on these Dave and Busters coupons?

No, there are no restrictions on those coupons, as per when you can use them. You can use them any day of the week.

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