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They kill him

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Q: What are the results for the struggle of faith in akiba drumer?
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What happens to akiba drumer night Elie Wiesel?

Akiba Drummer loses all of his faith and the incentive to live which causes him to fail selection.

Who is akiba drumer?

his is a character in the book night who ends up being killed b.c he loses his faith and does survive the selections.

Why does Akiba Drumer lose the will to live?

Akiba Drummer loses his will to live because he lost his faith in god; during the Holocaust, one of the only things a Jew had to live for was his faith that God would save them. Hope this helps! (P.S. I am currently answering this question.)

How does drumer and juliek death affect Elie?

Drumer and Juliek's death's give Elie hope and a renewed faith in God. Juleik died playing his violin and brought some happiness to the others before they died.

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alcohol cigar maybe afraid

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