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They can file a petition in the probate court requesting a copy of the will.

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Q: What are the rights of the heirs to see the will or trust of their deceased parent when the surviving spouse refuses to allow them access?
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How do you find out if deceased parent left will inheritance?

You can find out if a deceased parent left a will or left you an inheritance by speaking with the surviving spouse or family. You can also check with the deceased parent's lawyer.

Is a surviving parent responsible for deceased adult child's debt?

ONLY if the Parent Co-Signed for the Debt. Otherwise NO.

Is a surviving parent responsible for deceased adult child's debt in CA?

In California the estate will be responsible for the debts of the deceased. Only after they are resolved can the estate be closed and any remainder distributed.

Is a surviving parent responsible for paying any bills for a deceased child in the state of Pennsylvania?

If the child is a minor, yes, they are. If the child is an adult, no, they are not.

Do the surviving children have to pay the medical bills of the parent that dies?

It is the deceased's ESTATE that is responsbile for settling all the deceased's debts. Unless the children signed any documents incurring liability for the deceased's medical bills, they are not responsbile.

Are children entitled to a portion of their deceased father's property if there was no will and the stepmother is the surviving spouse?

In many states, when there is no will the children inherit a portion of a deceased parent's estate that was not held jointly with right of survivorship with the surviving spouse. You would need to check the laws of intestacy for your state at the link below.

Does your parent have the right to postpone your receiving your other deceased parent's life insurance from the age of 18 to the age of 21 if they wanted to?

It depends on what the deceased parent has put in their Will. If they said that the surviving parent takes care of any monies or property until you are the age of 18 or 21 then the surviving parent has the right to do so. Your surviving parent is probably keeping the money for you so you will spend it wisely when you are a little older (probably 18 if this is the legal age in your State) and this really isn't a crime. Many young people would race out and buy a new car and squander the money. Talk to your parent if you want further education or want to travel a little. I am sure they will give you the money if it's for a good reason.

How can adult children gain access to a deceased parent's bank and investment accounts in New York?

Unless the person is the executor of the deceased's estate or is a joint account holder then he or she cannot gain access without an order from the state probate court.

Is there any liability to tell a child of a deceased parent?

Is there any liability to tell a child of a deceased parent?

How do you find the will of your deceased parents?

Where do I look to find the will of a deceased parent?

What if custodial parent refuses visitations to the other parent?

see link

When parent dies without will can the adult children take possession of the deceased parent's property and assets in Florida?

That depends on whether your parent was married at the time of death and if yes, whether the surviving spouse is also your parent. If the surviving spouse is not also your parent then the estate will be shared 50/50 with the surviving spouse getting half and the surviving children by a first wife sharing the other half. If the surviving spouse is also your parent then the surviving spouse gets 100%. If there is no surviving spouse the children get 100%.It is likely the estate will need to be probated. You should seek advice from an attorney who specializes in probate matters and who can provide up to date information.

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