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if there is any chance that seamen has entered your vagina then there is always the risk that you could be pregnant. you can prevent this by the morning after pill or talking to you gp about the contraceptive pill. alothough you shpuld stay using a condom anyway for your own protection.

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Q: What are the risks of getting pregnant if the condom broke and there was semen in it?
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What are the risks of getting pregnant?

use a condom and decrease the risk of std which are very much more common than pregnancy

What are the risks if the condom is broken and you ejeculates in?

Risks are the female could get pregnant or you/she could get some disease.

What are the risks of getting a girl pregnant while ejaculating inside with a condom?

if you wear a condom theres a 99.9% chance the girl wont get pregnant but there's always that .1% and dont you 2 condoms it will cause friction between the condoms and they would break

What are the risks of having genital warts and getting pregnant?

There will be minimal risks; go talk to your doctor for your best plan getting pregnant and during pregnancy.

Risks involved in becoming pregnant after Depo-Provera?

There are no special risks in getting pregnant after stopping depo provera. There is no need to wait to conceive.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while on antibiotics?

Same as always antibiotics don't avoid or help the risks of getting pregnant.

What are the risks of getting pregnant from using the same towel to wipe yourself with that was used to wipe up the semen?

The risks are 25% but getting pregnant that way is not common, usually intercourse is required with deep penetration.

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom came off in the girl after sex after he ejaculated?

Absolutely. The condom is filled with millions of sperm that can get out of the condom if it's left inside her. That's why you should withdraw immediately after ejaculation; otherwise, as you "shrink," the condom can slip off, exposing her to pregnancy risks and to any sexually transmitted diseases you have.

What are the risks of getting pregnant after stopping taking birth control?

The risks are the same whether or not you've recently been on birth control.

What are the risks in getting pregnant after a dnc?

There are no risks afterwards assuming a skilled doctor did it. It's like when you get your period and the lining of the uterus sheds and then heals.

What are the risks of getting pregnant at 50 years old.?

Studies show higher risks for mental retardation and other medical conditions for the baby.

Can a girl get pregnant if she uses a condom an it does not burst?

Yes, though the risks are reduced. Condoms can slide off. They can also leak if they are put on too tightly--there must be a gap at the tip.

What are your chances of getting pregnant after a C-section?

Having a C-section does not reduce your risks of becoming pregnant. You have a chance that is just as good as any other.

What are the risks of getting pregnant from semen on your stomach?

There are none unless it immediately goes inside the woman's vagina.

Is there any risks for pregnant women and their babies?

No their is no risks

If i am sexually active alot and on birth control what are the risks of me being pregnant?

You really should read the packet or consult a doctor to know the chances of getting pregnant while on it.

If the right overy is removed and the left fallopian tube is removed what are the risks of still getting pregnant?

1 in 6 billion

What is the risks of taking expired birth control?

It could make you sick and it won't work at all. It won't protect you from getting pregnant.

Can beening overweight prevent pregnancy?

Not for sure but obesity can mess up your hormones so you can't or have a harder time getting pregnant. Staying pregnant can also be harder with many risks.

You have Mirena coil in situ and pregnant What is risks?


If the condom came off in the vagina but the rim was on the outside when pulled out what are the risks of pregnancy?

Take a test

How can you get pregnant with twins after stopping the IUD?

There's no special strategy for getting pregnant with twins. Because multiple births have higher risks of preterm birth and other complications, seeking out multiples isn't medically sensible.

If she is on birth control and i pull out what are the chances?

Minimal. But you should know that pulling out is not at all a safe technique! you lose pre-ejaculate during sex, which could make her pregnant if she wasn't on birth control, so be careful with that. But if she's using birth control, and you're both disease-free the risks are minimal. But nothing is a 100% safe, so do use a condom if you can. If you both dislike using it, you can leave it, but a condom and another form of birth control reduces the risks to nearly 0.

Are the risks of pregnancy high if you use a condom with the withdrawal method?

Guys can't feel the precum, so use LOTS of lubricant, but you're being smart if you use the condom. The withdrawel method with the condom is a nice way to prevent pregnancy, but I would recommend taking the pill with the condom.

What kind of risks can you get from smoking?

The risks you can get from smoking are risks of getting Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, and death.