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Having a high interest rate greatly affects the account it belongs to. It will add up to high finance charges which will increase the balance, increase the monthly payment, and lower the amount of the payment that applies to the principle.


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High rates.However, high interest rates are usually a consequence of high inflation rates and so what matters is not the interest rate but the real interest rate which is the nominal interest rate relative to the inflation rate.Thus a 3% interest rate when inflation is 1% is better that a 5% interest rate when inflation is 4%.

There are many different interest rate risks to think about when dealing with money. You could potentially pay more than you get.

If you are investing in a savings bond, you wish for it to have a high rate of interest. If you are selling savings bonds, you wish it to be at a low rate of interest.

WaMu is the best provider of High Interest Rate Savings Accounts.

The advantages of having a credit card with an interest rate is it helps build one's credit faster. The higher the interest rate of the credit card, the higher the credit score.

Debt consolidation is when you take out a new loan to pay off all your debts - often at a lower interest rate. If you___re having trouble keeping up with several high-interest loans, it could be worth looking into. Debt consolidation can save you money, but there are risks.

If you carry a balance, then it's better to have a low interest rate. If you do not carry a balance, then the interest rate doesn't matter at all.

Everbank has a very high interest rate right now.

The risk of a nation is based on the interest rate...high rate bad health of country economy, low interest rate better situation

It's a very high interest rate but not illegal. A rate this high will give you an incentive to pay it back quickly.

The interest rate on savings can be as high as 2.5% in the UK, despite the extremely low national interest rates. If one is willing to lock their money up for longer, e.g. such as a bond, they might get a higher rate.

exchange rate, interest rate, oil price, and inflation risk are all examples of financial risks.

No. All accounts are different and thus have different risks and rewards. Thus, all accounts will accrue interest differently (although some may share the same interest rate).

If your interest is high then the money remain with you will be low to support your need. On the contrary you will be left with more money if the interest rate is low.

Different banks will offer different interest rates. Some banks that offer high interest rates include Ally Bank and Capital One which has an interest rate of 0.84% and 0.75%.

what is the currnet rate of personel loan intrest

There is a positive relationship between interest rate and savings. When interest rate is high people will save more in the banks or invest more so that they can get higher return on it. Higher the interest rate higher will be saving and vice versa.

The interest rate on a Union Plus credit card, which is issued by HSBC, isn't disclosed until an application is submitted, but can be as high as 23.4%. The interest rate on cash advances is also as high as 23.99% with this credit card.

It is wise to consolidate debt for credit cards when the debt is at a high interest rate, a person may take all the high interest rate debt and combine it into one debt with a lower interest rate to save money.

Bank of America offers very high interest savings in NY.

If you have a high resting heart rate, it can lead to a heart attack. It can also lead to other stress related problems.

A high credit score means that you have great credit. A high credit score of over seven hundred can help you get a better interest rate on a loans like mortgages.

high interest rates such as the repo rates and high inflation rate

Mortgage interest rates were around 1.2% in 1968. This was considered to be relatively high back then. However, the interest rate these days is around 4%.

Having an adjustable rate mortgage means that the interest rate can be changed by you or your loan provider after a few years. This can be dangerous for the homeowner, because if national interest rates go up, the interest rate on your adjustable rate mortgage could go up too.

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