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What are the risks of teens having babies?

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Do teens like having babies?

Most of them don't; and many of those have abortions. Some do, however like having them.

Is there any risks for pregnant women and their babies?

No their is no risks

How do teens have babies?

the same as anybody

What is the highest rate of teens having babies?

The highest rate of teen pregnancy is seen in the sub Saharan African countries. There they have a rate of 143 per 1,000 teens. To compare, in South Korea, the rate is only 2,9 per 1,000 teens.

Where do most teens end up after dropping out of high school?

They End Up Not Where , They Dont Get Their GED , And Most Of Then End Up Having Babies

How do teens have babies on sims 2 double deluxe?

Teens can only get pregnant if you have Inteen installed.

What does pubic hair have to do with having babies?

It has nothing to do with having babies!

Research paper about risk in teenage pregnancy?

A research paper written about risks in teenage pregnancy can give teens something to think about before having sex. There are many risks one may not really be aware of and such a paper could touch on all those.

How can teens avoid the risks associated with gang membership?

don't join a gang

What is the percentage of teens give their children up for adoption?

Of pregnant teens does 1% give up their babies for adoption.

What would happen if teens took anabolic steroids?

among the risks are diabetes and aneurysms

Do teens get arrested for having a baby?


How can you make five babies?

By getting several fertilized eggs implanted but a responsible doctor would never do that if you have no problem having kids and since the risks of them dying is too big.

What does population explosion mean?

children and teens having children at a young age children and teens having children at a young age

How do Blue Whales help the earth?

By having babies because blue whales are being extinckt so, by having babies there would be more of them By having babies because blue whales are being extinckt so, by having babies there would be more of them

Are there more kids teens or adults?

There are more kids and babies in the world.

How many teens give their babies up for adoption in a year?

About 1%.

What are some negative effects of teen pregnancy?

Some negative effects of teen pregnancy include a higher chance of getting high blood pressure and preeclampsia. Teens also have a higher risk of having premature babies or low-weight babies.

Do mice die after they have babies?

No they do not die after having babies.

Can having your appendix out stop you having babies?


How often do gerbils get pregnant after having babies?

they might get pregnant at least once or twice after having babies.

What are the risks of having a baby if you have had chlamydia?

If the infection is cured, there is no risk to having a baby.

How do you know if your dog is having puppies?

it will be having babies

What is the inteenimator in sims 2?

the inteenimator lets teens have babies in the sims 2

How can you make sims 2 teens have babies?

You can't unless mods are used.

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