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What are the roles of hardware and software in montoring and control systems?


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the vessel by which humans can interact with the content that makes technology meaningfulIf you want to call someone using cellular technology, you need a What_are_the_roles_of_hardware_in_technology, cell towers, servers etc

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Systems software is defined as computer software that was designed to control and operate the computer hardware. It includes utility software and the operating system.

Operating systems software manages the hardware on your computer, and provides an interface between the user- or application software, and the computer hardware.

It is software. Specifically it is an operating system, so it is systems software.

It is basically hardware and software Image:

Every modern aircraft has computer aided controls which require software to make them operate. Most new aircraft have a glass cockpit and fly by wire systems These are all computer controlled systems relying on Software to control the hardware.

Operating systems are designed to manage computer hardware and software resources

It depends what you want specifics on? Hardware or Software?

They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.They are systems software.

The operating system (OS) controls the hardware. A successful computer system will have hardware and an operating system. Application software is not required. All operating systems have a low level, or machine language to run the operation system and control all hardware.

The hardware requirements are what the Operating System designers have determined as the MINIMUM hardware to be able to run the Operating system. There are no minimum or suggested Software requirements for an operating system since the operating system IS the software.

as I remember it the main ways to control peripherals on a computer or computer based systems is software, mediumware, firmware and hardware, things may have changed since i was last at school, but it is worth checking out them all, mediumware may have evolved into firmware by now, but you never know, check it out :) So essentially you have hardware which is controlled by its firmware, the firmware is what the operating system (mediumware)uses to control the hardware, and the software is the part that interacts with the operating system (mediumware) to make it possible for anyone to use the hardware in a nutshell.

Interrupts page 260 of the Operating systems book

Software or "programs" are a long list of instructions that "tells" the computer or "hardware" what to do. Without software, computers are useless. Systems software is software that controls a computer. Applications is software that a user uses to carry out a task, like a word processor. Systems software enables applications to use the hardware, organises files, manages memory and many other activities that keep a computer working or operating, hence the name operating systems.

KERNEL on Operating Systems control Computer Hardware and enables user's interaction possible in easy to operate and understand methods.

Computer HARDWARE are actual pieces of a computer, specifically inside.Computer SOFTWARE are virtual pieces of information, like operating systems, web browsers, drivers, and other programs. HARDWARE is the TANGIBLE part of a computer SOFTWARE is the INTANGIBLE part of a computer

SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) is a systems management software product by Microsoft for managing large groups of Windows-based computer systems. Configuration Manager provides remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, and hardware and software inventory.

Software is the programs that are needed to accomplish the input, processing, output, storage, and control activities of information systems.

An Operating System is an organized system of software components that coordinates the use of hardware and time resources for user application software. Typically it provides a standardized abstraction of the hardware resources so that the user application software runs the same even when the actual physical hardware varies on different computers. Typically it provides a standardized user interface so that the user can learn how to control different user application software programs faster.

Information Technology (IT) is related to computer hardware. Information Systems (IS) is related to software (development).

Hardware is a physical component that exists in machinery. This is usually the actual arm or a piece of it on the outside, or items that make the machine work. In computers, a piece of hardware would be the fan, or the motherboard. A piece of software is a program or piece of data that is run by hardware (or multiple items of hardware put together) to complete a task or function. Software would include operating systems, games, and other applications. Roughly speaking, if you can touch it, it's hardware. The software is the code which runs computers - such as operations software, or which allows us to do things with a comouter, such as applications software, or utilities software.

Information systems refers to the study of complementary networks of hardware and software software that people and organizations use to collect, filter, process, create, and distribute data.

A theory composed of a computers hardware and software functions and helping them run better.

Broadcasters normally use dedicated hardware systems for streaming video. Although the functionality is similar to a PC running a video streaming program, hardware systems offer more stable operation, faster encoding, better operational monitoring and remote monitoring and control.

Firewalls serve as barriers between the internet and network to end user devices. Firewalls can be physical hardware and software suites. Often systems utilize both approaches simultaneously.

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