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With both positive it's positive, with both negative it's negative.

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What are the rules in adding integers with like and unlike signs?

To add integers with like signs you jut put the positive in front of the answer (you just add and put a positive sign in front of it)

Rules in subtracting like and unlike sign?

to subtrct integers ,rewrite as adding opposites and use the rules for addtion of integers..

What is the rules for subtracting integers with like signs?

They become positive integers for instance - - 2 = 2

What is the rule for adding integers with like signs?

positive + positive = positive negitive + negitive = positive negitive + positive = negitive

What is the rule in adding positive integers?

Adding IntegersTo add integers, one must consider the following two rules to be a successful.If you want to think of it on the number line you start from 0 and when you add a positive number you go that much to the right, and when you add a negative number you go that much to the left. When adding two positive integers, just add like normal. When adding one positive integer, and one negative integer, it is like subtracting a positive number from a positive number. When adding two negative integers, it is like subtracting a positive number from a negative number.

How is adding to negative integers the same as and different from subtracting two positive integers?

No- adding negative numbers is like adding positive numbesr , except the answer is negative.

How is adding polynomials like adding integers?

The numbers can have a positive or negative sign.

What is the operation on integers?

additionslike sign -just add and copy the sign of the integersunlike signsubtract the integers then copy the sign of the bigger integers.subtractionchange the sign of the subtrahend and proceed as in adding integers.multiplication and Divisionwith like signsthe product or quotient is positiveunlike signthe product or quotient is negativeby:jen Marie :)

Negative divided by a positive equals?

A negative number divided by a postive number equals negative number . Remember the rules of division of integers : Unlike signs = Negative Like signs = Positive .

Rules in addition and subtraction of algebraic expression?

Addition:1. look for like terms, combine like terms by adding their numerical coefficient. In adding the numerical coefficient, you have to consider the rules in adding integers.a. to add two numbers having like signs, add their absolute values and prefix their common sign, then bring down the literal coefficient.b. to add two numbers having unlike signs, find the difference of their absolute values and prefix to the difference sign of the number having a greater absolute value, then bring down the literal coefficient.Subtraction:1. multiply the subtrahend by -1 and proceed to adding algebraic expression.

What is the rule for multiplying and dividing integers with unlike and like signs?

Like signs give a positive answer. Unlike signs give a negative answer.

Can the same rules be used to determine the sign of an integer sum and an integer product?

No.For the sum of integers:-- two positives make a positive-- two negatives make a negative-- the sum of mixed signs is the sign of the one with the greater absolute valueFor the product of integers:-- like signs make a positive-- unlike signs make a negative

What are the five integer rules?

I am not at all sure that there are any rules that apply to integers in isolation. Any rules that exist are in the context of binary operations like addition or multiplication of integers.

What is the rules in solving integers?

adding1. like sign, add their absalute value & copy the common sign.2. unlike signs. subtruct their absalute value & copy the sing of the bigger number.subtructing1. change the sign of the subrahend (if + change to - & if - change to +)2. then go back to the rules in addition.multiplying & dividing1. likes signs, simply perform the operation then the answer's sign would be (+) positive2. unlike signs, simply perform the operation then the answer's sign would be (-) negative

How is subtracting integers like adding integers?

It's pretty much the exact same. Subtracting is the same as adding a negative number. Foe example, five minus three is the same as five plus negative three.

What is the algorithm for dividing integers?

Procedure: 1. Divide the integers like you always do. 2. Follow these rules: (Note:+ is a positive integer, - is a negative integer and * is the multiplication symbol) a.+*+=+ b.+*-=- c.-*+=- d.-*-=+ Follow these rules and you will have your answer in no time.

What are the sign rules of division and multiplication?

numbers with Like signs : result Plusnumbers with Unlike signs : result Minus

How are the mnemonic devices LA US and LP UN used in operating signed numbers?

These mnemonic devices were developed by SHERWIN E. BALBUENA, mathematics teacher of Cabitan NHS, Mandaon, Masbate, Philippines", to teach his students with disabilities the rules in operating signed numbers. LA US means "Like signs Add, Unlike signs Subtract". This device lets the student remember the rule in adding signed numbers. LP UN means "Like signs Positive, Unlike signs Negative". This device lets the student recall the rules in finding the product and quotient of two signed numbers.

What are positive and negitive integers?

positive integers are like 2,3,4,etc... negative integers are like -2,-4,-9etc....

Is a negative plus a negative a positive?

No. A negative plus a negative will always be negative. Adding negatives just makes them more negative, just like adding positives makes them more positive.If you're thinking of multiplication, then the answer is yes. Like signs result in positive values. Opposite signs result in negative values.

What are like signs and unlike signs?

Like signs: + and + , - and - Unlike signs: + and - , - and +

Is adding and subtracting integers related?

Not really, because its just flipped over like 2-3 that because keep change change so 2+(-3)= -1

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