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There is the possibility of getting it trapped in power lines, which depending on the cord used in the kite string can make it dangerous.

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In kite fighting, the goal is to control your kite and use it to cut the strings of your opponent's kite. The strings are typically coated with glass or abrasive materials to make them sharp. The last kite flying without its string cut is declared the winner. It is important to play in an open area away from obstacles and people to prevent accidents.

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to the death

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Q: What are the rules of kite fighting?
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As a national pastime in Afghanistan kite fighting was encouraged by the Taliban?

Not at all. The Taliban believed that Kite Fighting, and it's counterpart Kite Running, were un-Islamic and were banned during their rule of Afghanistan.

What were Chinese kites used for?

Kite fighting

What is the best prize to have during the kite fighting tournament in the kite runner?

The best prize for the kite fighting tournament in "The Kite Runner" is the blue kite, as it symbolizes victory, honor, and redemption. Winning the blue kite represents overcoming challenges and gaining respect among competitors, making it a highly coveted prize in the story.

Is there any games that require wind?

How about Kite Fighting?

How did afghan kite fighting start?

Kite fighting in Afghanistan is believed to have originated as a traditional pastime centuries ago, with the kite battles symbolizing freedom and escapism. The objective is to cut the strings of opponents' kites using abrasive materials attached to one's own kite string. It has since evolved into a popular sport, especially in regions like Kabul.

What are the competitions in The Kite Runner?

In "The Kite Runner," the main competition is the kite-fighting tournament that takes place in Kabul. Participants fly kites and try to cut down each other's kites using a glass-coated string. The story revolves around the relationship between two friends, Amir and Hassan, and how their bond is tested during the kite-fighting competition.

When does Kite fighting usually takes place?

Kite flying usually takes place in Spring. The season starts from late March until late may.

Who rules the country in chapter 2 in The Kite Runner?

In chapter 2 of The Kite Runner, the country is ruled by the monarchy of King Zahir Shah. He was the last King of Afghanistan before the monarchy was overthrown in a coup in 1973.

In the book Kite Runner do they lay out kites to walk on in the winter time?

In the book "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini, the character Hassan lays out kites to walk on during the winter time to help Amir, the main character, kite fight. Walking on kites in the snow is a unique way to prepare the strings for kite fighting in the cold Afghan winters.

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