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What are the rules or guidelines of PLPD insurance?


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2004-06-26 03:29:01
2004-06-26 03:29:01

PlPD = public liability, property damage, meaning your policy will cover medical and some property damage to a vehicle or property you may have an infraction with


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Public Liability and Property Damage insurance. Bascially liability insurance.

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No. If you had an accident with your husbands car and you were at fault with only PLPD insurance, the damages to your vehicle would not be covered.

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I have PLPD insurance and was in an accident that was the other driver's fault. The lady's insurance paid for the damages, around $3000 which was the blue book retail value of the car, and they paid for a rental car for a short period. Since I had PLPD insurance, I had to pay for extra insurance on my rental vehicle, $12 a day extra, that their insurance would not cover and came out of my own pocket.

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Nope, PLPD aka liability only covers other vehicles for accidents which you may be at fault for. Comprehensive insurance would take care of an incident such as this.

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First assess if you need insurance by reading up on the rules and regulations for taxis in the city you live. Then see if there are insurance agents that deal in this business or what they suggest. Taxi insurance I am sure is a special area that has particular rules and guidelines.

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