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Go to the seed cart between The grossery and yukea

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To keep the game interesting, Moshi Monsters will continue to add new moshlings. Read the Daily Growl for information on any new moshlings as they are released on Moshi Monsters.

No, there are only 6 Moshi Monsters to choose from on Moshi Monsters. However, you can collect Moshlings, but the number of Moshlings changes as they continue to add new Moshlings to the Moshi Monsters game.

Some of the new, 2013, moshlings on Moshi Monsters are:YoYo the Creative Coyote

To get new seeds on Moshi Monsters, you need to go to the seed cart on main street and buy more. If you're a member, you can go to the Port and go to the Super Seeds store and buy some seeds to get exclusive Moshlings.

The only way to send a suggestion for new moshlings to Moshi Monsters is to watch for competitions announced in the Daily Growl. Sometimes Moshi Monsters will ask for your ideas for new moshlings and sometimes they will have a contest for designing moshlings.

You can not give names to the moshling on Moshi Monsters. However, sometimes Moshi Monsters will host a contest for designing new moshlings. Watch the Daily Growl for information about Moshi Monsters contests!

To get super seeds on Moshi Monsters you have to be a member.

Just wait awhile because Moshi Monsters continues to release new Moshlings.

The lastest new Moshling on Moshi Monsters is Tingaling the Kitten of Good Fortune. New Super Moshi Missions should be released soon with more new Moshlings available.

You can catch about 33 moshlings on Moshi Monsters if you are a Basic Member. This number changes as Moshi Monsters adds new Moshlings. However, as a Basic Member, you can only keep two Moshlings in your house and one in your garden.

So far, each set of Moshlings has four Moshlings in it. Since the Secrets set already has four Moshlings, it is unlikely that Moshi Monsters will release any more Secret Moshlings.

Anyone who is a paid or free member of Moshi Monsters probably has at least one moshling. Adding new moshlings is part of the Moshi Monsters game.

The new moshlings are ,suey,leo,gracie,hiphop,oompah and zack binspin

You will find information about new Moshlings, and other Monstro City updates, on the Daily growl blog. Just click on News at the top of the Moshi Monsters website.

Moshi Monsters add new moshlings all the time. As of September 2011, there are 59 moshlings available. So no, right now you can't get 1000 moshlings, but if you stay around long enough, it might be possible!

Any member who is just starting to play Moshi Monsters would have zero moshlings, the least amount of moshlings you can have. This would change daily, with members attracting moshlings and new members joining.

There are many members who have all the moshlings. It would be difficult to keep an up to date list because Moshi Monsters continues to add new moshlings. Just check out member's Moshling Zoos when you visit their room to find out how many moshlings they have.

The best way to find out when new moshlings are released is to read the Daily Growl on the Moshi Monsters web site. There are many other web sites that post Moshi Monsters information, but be careful because their information is not always correct.

There are several ways to get new moshlings, depending on the moshling. Some moshlings are attracted to your Moshling Garden when you plant and grow the correct flower combination. Some moshlings require a purchase to get the code for the main seed needed for that moshling. Once you have that seed, plant it with two other seeds in your garden to grow and attract that moshling. Other moshlings come when paid members complete a Super Moshi Mission. Watch the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters for information about how to get any new moshlings. Go to the Map. Find "Moshling Garden" on it. Click on it. Buy seeds at the Seed Cart on Main Street, also on the Map. Plant the seeds, and the seeds will grow. When they grow, if it is a correct combo, you get a moshling. You can also get new moshlings by completing Super Moshi Missions. However, you have to be a paid Moshi Member to complete Super Moshi Missions.

Since Moshi Monsters continues to add new moshlings, it would be very difficult to find one picture that has all the moshlings. You can see individual pictures in the Daily Growl and on the Moshi Monsters Wiki web site. See Related Links.

the smiles. add me i'm "aubie451727"

Moshi Monsters will continue to add moshlings so that members will continue to play the game. Since they will continue to add moshlings, it would be difficult to keep this answer current. The best way to find out about new moshlings is to read the Daily Growl. They are also adding new ways to get moshlings, such as completing Super Moshi Missions or making a purchase to get a code for a special seed.

New moshlings will be common, uncommon, rare, or ultra-rare, depending on how the Moshi Monsters staff decides to rate them. The only way to know is to check out the moshling's information in the collector's guides or in the Daily Growl once they have been released.

There's no information on these Moshlings yet. Keep checking the Daily Growl for information on any new Moshlings. From the Moshi Monsters website, click News at the top.

You should keep checking the Daily Growl for information on any new Moshlings.

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