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What are the sense organs?

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There are five sense organs and they each do something amazing for your body. The sense organs are your eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin.

The Sense of Sight

Your eye is your sense of sight. First, light enters the eye through the cornea. The cornea sends the light to the pupil, the dark center of the eye.

The Sense of Hearing

you may not notice that the air vibrates when the sound id made. your ears, however, do notice. eardrum vibrations cause three small bones in the middle ear to vibrate. these bones- the hammer, anvil, and srirrup- pass the vibrations to a snailed organ in the inner ear.

The Sense of Smell and Taste

Both your tongue and your nose contain receptor cells, or cells that receive information. The receptor cells in your nose send messages thorough the nerves. Your tongue can only recognize four different kinds of tastes. The four tastes are sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

The Sense of Touch

Your skin, your sense organ for touch , is your body's largest organ. Sense receptors all over your skin receive receive different sensations.

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The sense organs that you use when you eat are the sense of smell and a sense of taste.The sense organs that you use when you eat are the sense of smell and a sense of taste.

There are only five sense organs. The sense organs are, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the taste buds, and the skin.

Sense organs is not a word, but a phrase. You would have to list the various organs.

The sense organs of the zebra are eyesight, taste, and hearing.

the different sense organs are ears,eyes,nose,mouth

The sense organs of butterflies are the eyes, antennae, and other parts of the body.

There are five major sense organs. Hear, touch, smell, and taste.

The sense organs of animals are: sound, light, heat, smell, etc.

The five sense organs are the nose, ears, tongue, skin, and eyes.

to showing the picture on how to take care of your sense organs.

Stimulus are patterns of energy that activate sense organs. Sense organs are the eyes, nose, tongue, ears, and skin of people.

The importance of the 5 sense organs are we can taste, hear, look, talk, smell, respire. And without these sense organs we cannot do the following activities.

Without the sense organs animals wont be able to sense their enemies. It is believed that today Man is a great threat to the animal kingdom. It is therefore necessary for animals to have sense organs.

Animals need sense organs so they can sense changes in their environment, such as temperature changes. They may also use them to sense danger.

Humans have 5 sense organs Skin, Tongue, Eyes, Ears, Nose

Believe it or not, sponges are considered marine animals and do not have any sense organs.

A bird's most important sense organ is their eyes. Their other sense organs are ears , feathers , taste (mouth), and nose for smell.

Yes, the nose, eyes, ears, tongue and skin are all organs.

Sense organs are primarily responsible for collecting information about the world and delivering that information to the brain for processing and analysis.

Sense organs are important because they let the body know if something is not right. Skin is a sense organ that tells your brain if you are in pain for example.

The sensory neurons carries information from sense organs to the central system.

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