What are the sentences with word fetish?


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Well, this site is full of them: "What is a fetish?" "I have a foot fetish." "My husband has a diaper fetish." and so on...


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The word sentences is a noun. It is the plural form of sentence.

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That particular fetish--and yes, it can be a fetish--is called exhibitionism. If it's actually a fetish, then there's a psychological *need* to be doing whatever it is where one could be caught, as opposed to just getting a thrill from it.

These people are nice.

Yes, the word 'sentences' is a noun, the plural form of the singular noun 'sentence' a word for a group of words that expresses a statement or a question; the punishment for a crime given by a court of law; a word for a thing.Example sentences:Would you mind checking my sentences before I send this email?Judge Ratchett is known for giving long sentences to repeat offenders.The word 'sentences' is also the third person, singular present of the verb to sentence.

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This website can give you example sentences if you specify the word.

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