What are the seven lifeskill packages?

Skills-these are your abilities

1.skills for physical development and expression.

~>these are the skills which develop your body or physical competence

~>skills like walking, running, reading,writing, swimming and so forth

~>the ability to use your body to achieve your goal(Physical competence)

2.skills for intellectual development

~>skills like comprehension,reasoning,listening,dealing with numbers and so forth

~>you use your mind to achieve your goal(intellectual competence)

3.skills for value clarification

~>these refer to your ability to get a clear picture of what you really want.

4.skills for the effective use of your resources and abilities

~>self-management skills

>ability to set goals

>ability to develop and implement methods

>ability to evaluate the methods you implement

5.skills for effective interaction with other people(Interpersonal-Relationship Skills)

~>skills like your ability to share, listen, and understand and challenge other people.

6.skills for effective small group interaction

~>small groups may refer to families,work teams,discussion groups or committees you belong to.

~>skills like your ability to collaborate with your groupmates rather than competing with them.

7.skills for effective big group interaction

~>big groups may refer to school or community organizations you belong to.

~>ability in:

* learning who has power

* learning how to find and utilize resources

* learning how to form small groups to chang or improve the large group