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I would get:

1. tons of pens/pencils what ever u prefer

2. locker organizer

3. nice sturdy backpack

4. a big binder

5. 5-7 notebooks

6. colored pencils

7. pencil holder

8. folders

9. pencil sharpener


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Well, here is a sample list, but really... it totally depends on your school. Different schools require different things.

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7th Grade Supply List 2008-2009Classes Supplies Needed Language Arts * 1 spiral notebook for journal only * 1 notebook for notes/homework Math * scientific calculator ---must have a fraction key and preferably a 2-line display Best choices: Casio fx-115MS(plus); fx-115ES; fx-300ES; fx-300MS(plus); or Texas Instruments TI 30-XIIB; or TI-30XIIS * 1- 2" 3-ring binder w/dividers * loose-leaf paper (no spiral notebooks) Science * 2" 3-ring binder * Loose-leaf paper Social Studies * 2 -notebooks for notes Reading * Composition notebook * Spiral notebook for notes/homework General List * 1 Agenda--which will be available for purchase at registration * 1 Accordian folder or several single folders * 12" ruler with metric on the other side (NO FOLDING RULERS) * 4 x 6 lined note cards * box of Kleenex (given to your assigned homeroom) * Several #2 Pencils and erasers * Colored pencils * 2 yellow highlighters * Flash key or floppy disks--CD's will NOT work in our systems! o Flash keys work best in our school computers vs. disks o If you do purchase disks, IBM compatible (black disks) are necessary * Several Blue and/or Black Pens o NO GEL PENS o NO RED OR GREEN PENS * Markers (regular colors) o 1 pkg. thin or broad markers * NO SHARPIE MARKERS * NO WHITE-OUT LIQUID ~We recommend that you stock up on supplies (i.e. paper, pens, pencils, etc.) while they are at a discounted rate. It seems that they usually need to be replenished just after 2nd quarter. Please note: Depending on the language arts/reading teacher you have and/or the enrichment classes you are scheduled into, there may be a few extra supplies needed. ** Your school bag MUST fit into your locker (the bags with wheels DO NOT fit) ** If you choose to lock your locker, the combination/extra key must be given to your homeroom teacher ** If you choose to add locker "gadgets" to your locker (i.e. shelves, etc.) they must be approved by the principal

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blue and black pen

pencil pouch

pencils (mechanical pencils)

composition notebooks 2

2- subject notebook 1

loose leaf paper 2 packs



folder 4

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Well it depends what school u go to. When I was in 7th grade we had to have bookcovers, binders, tabs and other boring non usful stuff!!

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Q: What are the seventh grade required school supplies?
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