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reflection about the major community health problems

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Q: What are the short reflection about the major community health problems?
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What are the major issue in community health?

The hummanity effect.

What are some major health issues in the community?


What major health problems can teens get?

Pregnancy :)

5 major community health problem?

Pollution Improper Disposal of Human Excreta and Sewage Improper Refuse Storage and Disposal Food Sanitation Control of Rodents and Insects

What are the major concerns of community health?

If you asking about organisations, there are community health organisations for all kinds of things. Pollution, cancer, mental health, STDs, etc

Why is preterm delivery a health problem?

Premature birth is a major cause of serious health problems in neonates.

Specific objective of community health nursing?

Primary gole if CHN has 3 major goal are following:- 1.) Health promotion:- -Building healthy public policy. -Creating supporting environment. -Developing personal skills through education. -Reorienting Health services. 2.) Disease prevention:- - Reproduction and family health. - Prevention of chronic illness. - sexual health education. - Nutritional/Food service. 3.) Health protection:- -protection of people's health, occupational hazards,disasters, protection from accident and emergency health services.

What are Honduras major problems?

drug,the economy,health,violence and many more...

What caused widespread health problems in the mid 1980s and for years to come in northeastern Kazakhstan?

Nuclear Test Site in Semipalatinsk caused major environmental and health problems.

What are the major community problems that affect the livelihood?

Major community problems that affect livelihoods include poverty, lack of access to education and healthcare, unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, and environmental degradation. These issues can create barriers to economic opportunities and social well-being for individuals within the community.

What are health problems with Alaskan malamutes?

There are a few, but the MAJOR one is definitely hip dysplasia.

What is a phenotype that can cause major or minor health problems and is related to an inherited mutation in a gene?