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What are the side effects of low iron levels?

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AnswerIron is necessary for the red cells to function properly Insufficient iron will result in poor oxygen uptake, weakness, dizziness and a general feeling of being unhealthy. If you suspect that you're low on iron see your doctor for tests and the proper treatment. There are some problems that can cause low iron which should be treated by a physician.

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Well seeing as I have low iron, anemia, and I've had it since birth, I can tell you that. Some of the symptoms include: shortness of breath, fatigue, if your are a woman, your periods will either stop or be heavy and frequent, cravings for non food items like ice, cardboard, etc., depression, ADD/ADHD like symptoms, irritability, dizziness, distractabiliy, lack of focus, lack of cognitive function, weakness, and so many more symptoms. Oh and another one is hair loss!! Many people overlook low iron as a cause for hair loss.

Also Irritability will eventually turn into stress and stress causes a bunch of other issues, one of which for women will be lack of, heavier, or constant periods. Stress then leads to Anxiety and if left too long could become a mood disorder that can cause one to have issues in life. Like said above, if you have any of these symptoms or suspect your iron is low PLEASE see your doctor or nurse practitioner.

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Q: What are the side effects of low iron levels?
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What are the side effects of low iron?

Weakness, is one of them. Low iron levels may be corrected by consulting a doctor who will ask for laboratory exams to determine the status of your haemoglobin levels. Treatment is usually easy to perform and on a short time you'll be strong again. Folic acid, vitamin B12, and afterwards you may consume spinach, beetroot, grains, etc.

What are the side effects of low protein levels in the blood?


Are there side effects to iron iv?

Yes, there can be side effects for someone taking IV iron infusions. These side effects can include dizziness, gastrointestinal pain, skin problems, chest pain, and low blood pressure.

Are there any side effects to IV Iron infusions?

Yes, there can be side effects for someone taking IV iron infusions. These side effects can include dizziness, gastrointestinal pain, skin problems, chest pain, and low blood pressure.

Is low hemoglobin a side effect of enbrel?

My wife had low neutrophils [neutropenia] and low iron levels until she came of Enbrel.

What are side effects of low TSH levels?

Is heart rate increase than normal

Low serum iron is seen in?

Low iron levels can be seen in patients with anemia or chronic disease. Mostly people with chronic kidney disease will have low iron levels. Iron deficiency anemia is another condition with low iron levels. This can be treated with iron supplement. Fatigue and weakness is the most common symptoms people present when they have low serum iron levels.

What is side effects of thyroid removal in men?

Low levels of parathyroid hormone. Decreased levels of PTH lead to low levels of calcium and high levels of phosphorus in the blood. This imbalance can lead to problems with bones, muscles, skin, and nerve endings.

What are the side effects of have surgery on endometriosis?

A few of the most common side effects of having an endometriosis surgery are pelvic pain, low estrogen levels, and lesions on the area. This surgery is done with a laser.

What disease is associated with iron?

Low iron is associated with Anemia. I have low iron (low hemoglobin) levels. It is called being anemic. It is usually fixed with taking iron supplements.

Can low iron levels cause dizziness?


Low on iron?

You could have iron deficiency anemia if your doctor is telling you that your iron levels are low. When your body does not have the correct amount of iron, it reduces your red blood cells.

What will happen if you have a low ferritin level?

It means your iron levels are low. If can cause dizziness and fatigue. You should take extra iron and seek to address the cause of the low iron.

Microcytic hypochromic anemia?

Low levels of iron in the body.

Low levels of blood hemoglobin indicate a deficiency of what?


Can low iron levels cause hair breakage?


What would be the effect of low blood protein levels on the colloidal pressure?

If blood protein levels become low, then there will be a decrease in colloidal osmotic pressure. This in turn can cause side effects in the body like edema and muscle degeneration.

Could low iron levels produce inaccurate breathalyzer results?

No. A low level of iron increases the propensity for the development of iron-deficiency anemia, however.

What does low iron mean?

Low iron levels is called anemia. Those who have heavy menstrual bleeding or don't get enough iron in their food may be anemic.

Why are iron rich foods a necessary component in your diet?

Iron is vital because is used in the production of haemoglobin (blood). Low iron levels equals low bloor levels. Iron is usually suggested for women because they lose blood during their period.

Why do you have a heavy period and anemic?

Iron levels are low or or hemoglobin are low definitely check with doctor.

What is a good steroid to build muscle fast with low side effects?

There IS no steroid that will give low side effects. You shouldn't be on steroids in the first place.

Low levels of blood hemoglobin most likely indicate a deficiency of?


What does it mean when you eat crushed ice?

it could mean you have low iron levels

What to do for improving appetite?

Check your iron levels; if they are too low, you can lose your appetite.