What are the side effects of sodium cyclamate?

In a Washington Post article, dated May 17, 1989, (author Malcolm Gladwell) writes that use of sodium cyclamate (SC) was found by researchers to "damage chromosomes of cells growing in laboratories, high blood pressure, and testicular atrophy in rats..."

Article (web) "Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques" (author Donald L. Pavia, and others), states that "in the 1970's a metabolite of SC, cyclohexylamine, posed some potentially serious health risks, including cancer", and was withdrawn for use in the United States therefore.

Also "Cameo" chemicals research site stated that in England SC caused pregnant woman to vastly increase Down's Syndrome babies, and reiterated the cancer risk and high blood pressure information. Also causes diarrhea, irritation to mucous membranes, and is considered a poison in "high" doses.

Saccarine, another sugar substitute, was also withdrawn after research showed cancer risk increased in rats. Aspartame is also shown to cause many side effects, but has remained on the market, (uncited) particularly muscle cramping (ie restless leg syndrome), headaches, muscle aches etc.

Natural products, like Stevia, are best. No side effects. Or, just use less sugar products.