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Answer Burning ulcers of the tongue and gums along with a sore throat can indicate Neisseria Gonorrhea. Small bumps anywhere in the oral cavity can indicate Human Paplilloma Virus (Genital Warts). Herpes can affect the genital region or the oral region. It can be spread through kissing or oral sex. Commonly called a cold-sore, the first outbreak may be accompainied by fever and flu-like symptoms, then redness, itching, and burning preceed the outbreak of small blisters which will last 10-14 days the first time before they gradually dry and heal. Subequent outbreaks can occur as frequently as once a month or as infrequently as 1 every few years. Subsequent outbreaks are usually only 4-7 days in length and not as severe as the first. The virus is easily passed during and just before an outbreak but can be transmitted at any time. It takes 7-14 days before you are exposed to the virus before you will begin to have any of the above mentioned symptoms. Syphilis can cause an oral lesion that begins as a red bump and rapidly progresses into a painless ulcer called a Chancre.

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Do STDs always have symptoms?

STDs do not always have symptoms. For this reason, getting tested for STDs is an important strategy for protecting your health.STDs may or may not show symptoms or signs. It all depends on the individual infected.

What are the Symptoms of oral STDs?


What do stds look like on a penis?

Signs of STDs on a penis could include bumps, rash, sores, or discharge. Many STDs have no symptoms.

Do many STDs have no symptoms?

Yes, many STDs do not have symptoms.

Can all STD be seen with the naked eye?

No...Many STDs have no outward signs or symptoms of infection.

Why are STDs often called silent infections especially in women?

Because many STD's exhibit no outward signs or symptoms.Because many women have no signs or symptoms when they are infected.

What stds can you get from a blowjob?

You can get all STDs from oral sex.All of them.

What are facts about HIV and STDs?

Women are more susceptible to them.There are more than 28 known STDs.They can be transmitted orally (oral sex).They are asymptomatic (they have no symptoms).They have serious health consequences if they are left untreated.

Which STDs can be transmitted unknowingly?

All STDs can be transmitted unknowingly. Most commonly, STDs have no symptoms.

What STD usually has no symptoms in females?

There are several STDs that may show no signs or symptoms (such as chlamydia, gonorrhea trich); it just depends on a persons immune system and general health.

What symptoms do all STDs have in common?

There is no common symptom of all STDs.

Do males with STDs have symptoms?

Males with STDs may have symptoms, but don't always. That's why prevention and regular screening are important.

How do males get oral STDs?

STD in the mouth is caused from oral sex with an infected person.

What is an STD carrier?

A carrier of STDs, just like a carrier of any infectious disease, is someone who is infected but doesn't know it; that is, someone who has no signs or symptoms.

Does dettol kill STDs?

no, dettol is an antiseptic, you will need oral and topical medications provided by a doctor to cure stds.

How are bacterial STDs transmitted?

Bacterial STDs are transmitted by oral, anal, or vaginal sex or skin-to-skin contact.

What are at least three symptoms of common STDs?

All infections, including STDs, will show the classical signs of inflammation. The symptoms of inflammation are redness, swelling, heat, and pain, which are caused by increased blood flow into tissue. Inflammation is produce by local hormones, which are released by injured cells.

What are the signs and symptoms of superhydration?

What are the signs and symptoms of superhydration?

What STD has symptoms that only show up in females?

There are no STDs with symptoms that only show up in females. All STDs affect both men and women.

Can you get pregnant swallowing sperm?

No you can not. Although you can get STDs, such as Herpes from oral sex.

What STDs can cause mouth sores?

yes it is called oral herpes

Who is at risk for STDs?

Anyone who engages in partnered sexual activities, including anal, vaginal, oral, and manual sex, is at risk for STDs.

What are the symptoms of STDs if you have an IUD?

The symptoms of STDs are the same with or without an IUD. Most women have no symptoms at all.The symptoms of an STI are no different with and without the IUD. If you think you're at risk for an STI, just get yourself tested. Most women with STIs have no symptoms, and there is no sense in waiting for a test.

What STDs are not treatable?

All STDs can be treated, but not all can be cured. The viral STDs, such as genital warts and genital herpes, can be treated to reduce symptoms, but no cure is available.

What are the signs and symptoms of unhealthy person?

what are the signs & symptoms of an unheathy person