What are the signs of Obesity in dogs?

A very common one is the lack of a "tuck." This is an upward curve in the dog's belly as it connects to the flank, as seen from the side. The belly should not sag or look extended. Viewed from the top, you should be able to detect a distinct "figure-8" look to your pet's sides; she will have a definate "waist." If she doesn't, she could be overweight. If she looks more like a sausage than a figure 8, she has "love handles" at the top of her flanks, her belly is round and wide, she doesn't like to exercise and would prefer to sleep, and she has folds of fat around her neck and elsewhere, she is probably obese. In rare cases of extreme obesity, the animal will have difficult walking and become at risk for hip displayia. Obesity is a serious health problem in dogs and should not be overlooked or dismissed as "cute."