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I know that one of the symptoms is that the dog is often unable to control when and where it urinates. Sometimes they'll leave a lot of little puddles around the house. Also if it's severe I think that there can sometimes be blood in the urine. * ALONG WITH THE FREQUENT URINATING AND PRESENTS OF BLOOD THERE CAN ALSO BE SOME SWELLING IN THE LOWER ABDOMEN RIGHT AROUND WHERE THE BLADDER IS LOCATED AND AN UNUSUALLY STRONG SMELL OF AMMONIA AT TIME OF URINATION.. PLEASE GET YOUR PET TO THE VET ASAP, BLADDER INFECTIONS WHEN LEFT UNTREATED CAN LEAD TO POTENTIONALLY SERIOUS AND SOMETIMES FATAL SECONDARY INFECTIONS... Kechara

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Q: What are the signs of a bladder infection in a male dog?
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Can male puppy get bladder infection?

Any dog can get a bladder infection, although it is more common in female dogs.

Your dog pees very slow like dribbles out and it is clear what does that mean?

If it's a male dog, it could indicate a prostate infection. This could also be a sign of a bladder infection - male or female. If this doesn't clear up in a day or so, you really need to take it to the vet.

Why do female dogs spray?

Female dogs do not spray. If your female dog is marking like a male dog, it may have a urinary tract or bladder infection. A spraying female dog should be examined by a veterinarian.

How is a bladder infection in a dog treated?

Your veterinarian will place the dog on antibiotics for about 10 days

Why is my dog peeing blood?

They can have a bladder infection, but if your dog ever urinates blood go to the vet immediantly

Your dog is dieing and he is peeing a lot?

no it's probably just a bladder infection

When a female dog is spayed and develops a bladder infection the next day could the infection be caused by the surgery?


Dog is leaking urine?

A dog that is leaking urine may be experiencing a bladder infection. Damage or loss of control to muscles controlling the bladder can also cause this issue.

What causes a male dog to bleed from the penis?

Bladder/kidney stones

Why is your dog still pissing everywhere when he is neutered?

it may have an infection in the bladder. or your not taking your dog out in of. atleast 3xs a dat. and if you do take your dig to a doctor and see if your dig has an infection before its to late

Your dog is bleeding from the pee hole and poop hole but is fixed what could be going on?

It might have a bladder infection.

What can cause a 6yr old dog to lose bladder control?

Possibly a bladder infection, but it is best to have a veterinarian take a look before it gets really serious.

Why would your twelve year old female dog lose control of her bladder and there is a LOT of urine?

you may not take her out enough or it could be a bladder infection so you may need to see a vet it might be because of old age It is very important you take your dog in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. It could be a bladder infection or that she is losing control of her bladder as she is getting older. There are medications to help with the incontinence.

Why does my dog whine when he licks his penis?

You shuold bring you dog to a vet. He could be in a pain, possibly due to soupy water or a bladder infection

How do you treat a dogs bladder infection naturally?

Bladder infections in dogs are a primary sign of canine diabetes--and you should thus consult a veterinarian. There is no natural miracle cure that will make your dog better. You can try to let the infection run its course...if you don't care that your dog may die.

How do you know if your dog is emptying his bladder fully?

You really can't. If it's a male dog, chances are it's NOT fully emptying its bladder at any time, as they hold some "in reserve" to mark territory.

Why has my West highland terrier started to urinate in sleep?

It's possible the dog has a bladder or urinary tract infection. Please take the dog to a vet.

What would be the clear discharge from a female spayed dog?

possibly a bladder infection, but your veterinarian should do a culture on the discharge

What can be done about a dog urinating frequently?

If your dog is urinating a lot it could have a bladder infection or a urinary track infection and should be taken to your veterinarian. Or, the dog may be drinking a lot of water if it is hot which would also cause it to urinate a lot.

Why would a male dog bleed on its penis?

Take it to a vet because it has an infection...

What causes a female dog to leak?

If you mean leak urine, then nervousness, being excited, or poor bladder control could be the issue, or possible a urinary tract infection. If the dog is not spayed, the she could be in heat, which is a time or ovulation in which a dog could become pregnant, and she should be kept away from male dogs.

Your dog is bleeding from his penis what cld this b?

um did your dog have a cut? or something? he can get an infection umm well its many things your dog can have a bladder problem. is it only? blood? or what? if you can take him to the vet

How do you stop a dog from urinating on porch?

Before you jump to conclusions, first make sure that the dog is indeed suffering from incontinence. Most incontinence is caused by: * A urinary tract infection (usually a bladder infection) * A weak bladder sphincter (common in aging female dogs) * Excessive water consumption * Spinal cord disease

Why would a housebroken 2 year old dog suddenly lose bladder control?

well maybe it has some kind of bladder infection or something or maybe something happened that could have punctured the bladder. I just suggest you go to the doctor.

Why would my dog lay down to pee?

That probably means it has a bladder infection or something, it's not natural anyway. Take your dog to the vet, they'll be able to fix that up.