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my younger sis has a mole and was told that if it ever starts to get bigger and darker and if ever hair starts to grow from it, to def get it checked out asap. Sorry if its no help


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Symptoms like indigestion, acid reflux, vomiting blood, pain in stomach region can all be signs of stomach cancer. They can also be signs on something less serious. A visit to your doctor for testing is the best way to tell for certain.

One of the main signs of skin cancer in a mole or bump that is brown in color, and changes size. If the moles on your arm have changed recently, I would have them checked by a doctor.

a spot or sore that keeps bleeding an uneven raised mole raised skin uneven

No but the mole may already be cancer.

There are several signs of skin cancer. Often, skin cancer does take form in a mole. Moles alone are not cancerous, but if they are not evenly shaped, bluish in color and/or larger than a pencil eraser, it should be examined by a physician.

It means you need to see a doctor. A mole changing shape/colour or suddenly becoming itchy or painful are some of the warning signs of cancer.

Stomach cancer is not called bone cancer, because the cancers cells are not in the bones. With stomach cancer the cancer cells are in the tissues of the stomach.

A large brownish spot with darker specklesA mole that changes in color, size or feel or that bleeds

can colon cancer be cured? WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF COLON CANCER

gastric cancer or stomach cancer.

you have to have skin to get skin cancer

No, ripping off a mole will not cause cancer, although I would not recommend doing such. If a mole is bothering you consult a doctor to have it checked out.

No. But if you have a mole on your arm and accidentally shave it, yes there is a chance of getting cancer as any mole can be cancerous.

Stomach cancer is not a particularly rare type of cancer. In reality, stomach cancer is the seventh leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Stomach cancer typically falls into one of five different types.

Gastric comes from the greek word gaster, meaning stomach or belly. Gastric cancer is cancer in the stomach and is commonly known as stomach cancer. Stomach cancer causes around 800,000 deaths, worldwide, per year.

If the mole is cancerous. then Yes.

no. cancer is a internal disease you cant catch it from a open sore. your prolly thinking of skin cancer which a sudden apperance of a mole indicates

Stomach cancer can present as a variety of other illnesses, including ulcers and stomach flu. During tests, stomach cancer looks like a tumor or a flat blob along the stomach wall.

Colon cancer can grow for years before signs become evident. The typical signs for rectal colon cancer are thin stools, fresh blood in the stool, unexplained weight loss and stomach cramps. Although these are the commonly noticed signs, proper screening by your doctor is always first and foremost. For further information, the following:

Stomach cancer is sometimes caused by Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria.

Yes, but it is EXTREMELY rare to get pregnant while you have cancer, and the pregnancy may not make it all the way, as the only CURE for stomach cancer is to REMOVE the stomach.

Yes, it is a illness that shows signs...bad signs, so get check if you have cancer.

removal of parts of the stomach

A mole should be removed if it starts to grow bigger, or if it appeared where there was previously not a mole. A mole can indicate bigger problems, such as skin cancer.

Gastric cancer is a type of cancer found in the stomach which is why it is often referred to as stomach cancer. Gastric cancer can spread throughout the body and effect all the body's organs.

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