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my first sign was tender breast ...then i just had the feeling that i was...they move on to mood swings and bloated feelings sometimes headaches

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What is the name which describes a female carrying an embryo?

i think it is called Pregnentcy or pregnent woman

Can take pill after 45 days of pregnentcy?

Not any pill but yes you can have a medical abortion within 65 days of pregnancy.

What are like signs and unlike signs?

Like signs: + and + , - and - Unlike signs: + and - , - and +

What is the Greek word for signs?

signs(zodiac signs) = ΖΩΔΙΑ (zodia)signs = ΣΗΜΑΔΙΑsigns = ΠΙΝΑΚΙΔΕΣ

What are the seven types of traffic signs?

# regulatory signs # warning signs # route markers # destination signs # roadside service signs # recreational area signs # international signs

Where did star signs come from?

Where did star signs come Where did star signs come Where did star signs come Where did star signs come

What is a sentence with the word signs?

What are the signs of apocalypse? He gave me weird Signs.

What are some lawn signs on the market for lawns?

There are many different types of lawn signs available for different occasions. Examples include political signs, birthday signs, real estate signs, business signs, election signs, contractor signs, etc.

What do green warning signs mean?

Green signs are not warning signs. They are signs that tell you it is "safe" to do something.

What signs are air signs?

The air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Why are the stop signs and the give way signs known as tha major signs in Kenya?

because they are madatory signs

What are regulation signs?

Regulation or regulatory signs are the signs along the highway that are black and white in color. Think of speed limit signs. These signs indicate a law or regulation, whereas yellow signs are cautionary signs. They indicate a possible hazard or danger. Brown signs or green signs are generally information, blue indicate travel services or accomodations.

Who sings signs signs everywhere are signs?

Five Man Electrical Band.

Are pregnancy signs same as period signs?

yes there are some signs that are the same a period signs but the realy tell tale signs are. -missing out a period -breast suddenly growing

Safety Signs?

form_title= Safety Signs form_header= Keep your workplace safe with signs! Is this for a public area?*= () Yes () No Do the signs need to be wall-mounted?*= () Yes () No What signs do you need?*= _ [100]

Did Clapton ever cover signs signs everywhere are signs?

Tesla did the re-make

How do you make Habbo signs?

You cant "make" signs, but you are able to put signs up. If you are a VIP member, click on your habbo, then click on "signs".

How compatible are Air signs together And what does air signs mean?

Yes, they are. Air signs are logical and socially-oriented. The "air signs" are a particular group of Zodiac signs: Aquarius Gemini and Libra.

Where can one make a business sign?

Economy Signs offer a wide range of business signs. These include: permanent signs, temporary signs, vehicle signs as well as digital printings. Further information about these packages can be found on the Economy Signs website.

What are the signs of circulation?

3 signs of circulation

What are some signs and symptoms of progeria?

There are no signs

How do you find signs in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

do quests and catch legendary Pokemon to get signs

What are some monument signs one can observe?

One can observe different monument signs, such as graveyard monument signs and artistic monument signs. Artistic monument signs are often parts of different buildings.

Is signs a noun?

Yes, the word 'signs' is the plural form of the singular noun 'sign'.The word 'signs' is both a noun (sign, signs) and a verb (sign, signs, signing, signed).Examples:Our exit is just ahead but there are several different exit signs. (noun)When she signs her checks, she adds an exclamation point. (verb)

What is a signage?

Signage is a broader word for a category of multiple types of "Signs" for example Banners, street signs, parking signs, site signs, ADA signs would all fall under the category of "Signage"

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