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well when everything changes like dosent call you no more dosent show love to you. trys to prevent you to kiss him or to see you, no more hugs, not take you out to dinner, mvies, clubs.

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What signs can i give a guy to hint to him that i like him?

The signs that you can give a guy to hint to to him that you like him include flirting with him, making physical contact, smiling to him, sending him a gift, and many others.

How can you tell a guy that doesn't like you that you like him?

He doesn't say or show any signs

Signs a guy just thinks of you as a friend?

ask him out, then if he says no he doesnt like you like dat

How do you get a guy to ask you out 5 grade im so shy i cant speak to the guy?

Coming from a shyish guy, I like this girl who is super confident. I usually depend on her to make the moves but I give her signs that I like her. Show him signs you like him! If that doesn't work, get some friends to ask him, or get confident and speak to the guy. Hope this helped!

How do you show a guy you don't like him?

Sent him some obvious signs like, say you attracted to another guy in front of him or just say ' I don't like you like that' to his face.

You really like this Capricorn guy and you are a Taurus do your zodiac signs click?


What signs show that the guy you like wants you to know he likes you back?

He tells you.

What signs will you get when a guy does not like you anymore?

Is he reading newspaper while having sex ?

How do you be close to a guy you like?

make a nice conversation.flirt a him for signs that he likes.

What is the best way to show a guy you like them?

im a guy and rlly i like to just be told strait up no signs nothing just come out with it

Signs you like a guy?

you can not stop thinking about him and everytime you see him or he is on msn your heart feels like it feel .

Signs a guy does not like you?

just tell the guy your a ligit 10th prestige on call of duty and he'll will do anything 4 you

Does a guy like you if he stares at you and denies it when you confront him?

Some guys do like you if they are staring at you, but they also may not in the 'like' like way. Search something like 'signs if a guy likes you' and you will find some clues.

What are the signs a guy doenst like you and is using?

That he wants you to stop because he really cares about you.

Signs of a guy liking you?

smiles lickin there lips at you or could be like picking on you like u r a loser!

What are the signs for a guy to know that theey like a girl?

there are no signs. if u feel that she would b the best thing to happen for you right now,,, that probly means ya like her

Signs a guy does not like a girl?

well if the girl asks him out and he says no...thats a good one

What signs show that the guy you like doesn't want you to know he likes you back?

nervousness, shyness

How do you make an Aries girl like you if your a Pisces guy?

Do you seriously care about star signs?! COME ON!

What are all the signs that a guy likes you and signs they dont like you?

like : gets close, flirty, always wanting to be near you , txting/emailing .. Dislike : moving away from you.. ignoring you ETC

What if you like a guy that's your friend but he shows signs that he likes you back but he also shows signs that he just wants to be friends what do I do?

Take a risk and be fulrty, if he fines you attractive he will like the flurting.

What are some signs that a guy likes you?

smiling and laughing are key. P.S. If you like a guy but your not sure he likes you try hanging out with him more; get to be his friend.

Will the outgoing guy you like who likes you stop showing signs of liking you all of a sudden like stop being around you if he thinks you don't like him?

well it depends on what type of guy he it depends on his personality

How can you tell if a guy like you?

watch little signs like always looking at you, pushing you, getting shy around you.ect...

What should you do when you have a big crush on a guy but he is like a brother and you're not sure if he's interested?

You should show signs that you like him (flirt), and then if he shows you signs that he likes you back, then that means he must be interested.