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Hi, The signs vary from person to person. The most common signs that you are ovulating are: * Egg-white vaginal discharge * 2-3 weeks after the egg-white discharge you receive your period. * Abdominal cramping. * Twinges in your abdomonen. * Feeling a bit flushed on the day you're ovulating along with egg-white discharge. * Increase in vaginal discharge for 3 days. * Postive result on a ovulation predictor test.

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Q: What are the signs that you are ovulating?
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What signs does your body show you to tell you that you are ovulating?

what signs does your body show you to tell you that you are ovulating

Why am i getting period cramp in the middle of my break?

Could be your ovulating? I get it when I'm ovulating I know the signs because we are trying for a baby

What are physical signs of ovulation?

Some women have a slight amount of discharge when they are ovulating.

When is a girl not ovulating?

A girl is usually ovulating two weeks before her period or a week before her period. So a week or two after it she's not ovulating,but with some girls they know when they ovulate by certain signs.

Is being wet ovulating?

No, being wet is the female body's natural lubrication in preparation for sexual activity. Ovulating is when you are getting your period, warning signs including discharge, cramps, etc.

What are signs that you are ovulating?

There are several signs that you are ovulating.Primary signs of ovulation:Spike in basal body temperature.Presence of fertile quality cervical mucus.Cervix becomes high, soft, and open.Secondary signs of ovulation:Mittelschmerz aka ovulation pains.Spotting: pink or brown discharge.Lymph node in groin swelling on side of ovulation.Tender breasts, also fuller breasts.Each individual female can have additional signs unique to them. But note that unless using fertility awareness methods you can't know for certain when you are ovulating and fertile.

How do you know your ovulating?

How do you know when you are ovulating?

How do you know when your ovulating?

How do you know when you are ovulating?

How do you tell if iam ovulating?

How do I know when I am ovulating

How do you know when youre ovulating?

How do you know when you are ovulating?

What percent of women who think they are ovulating are?

Well I know that about 20% of women 25 and older get pregnant when trying to get pregnant, and when theyre not on birth control. And you can only get pregnant if your ovulating and a sperms there, so maybe it's 20%. Also, when your ovulating there are signs such as a thick white discharge, abdominal cramps similar to menstrual cramps, and also you get really horny.

Are tingly breasts and cramping early signs of pregnancy at day 12 of your cycle?

on day 12 of your cycle these symptoms are probably because you are ovulating, not pregnant

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