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where were the american concentration camps ???????????

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Similarities: Both came from the people in that country being oppressed by their "ruler", and there was an unfair distribution of power in social classes Differences: The Haitian revolution was a slave revolt and the American was political Hope its what you need :)

Asia music is more cultural and American music is music which reoresents something

Some differences would include the fabric, quality, price, style, design. etc..

we both have more then 10,000 people in the pleces we live

Both sought to expel European powers and to govern themselves.

In Haiti it was a Slave Revolt while the American Revolution was a political revolt against the government of the United Kingdom.

i am not sure but maybe the American civil war is among Americans after they have gaind their independance but the American revolution was against GB as i said i am no sure

One big difference in the Haitian culture and the American culture is the fact that Haitians are more vested as a community. Individualism is prided in America.

They are two different games........................I wouldn't say they had similarities. The difference is that one is football & the other is played in America..............

A similarity of all the revolutions was that it focused on reducing the power of the Monarchy and focused on some extent of Democracy. :)

It is in the south of Poland, about 40 miles W of Krakow.Auschwitz was a vast complex of concentration camps and an extermination camp. It was not a prisoner of war camp, but a few British and American prisoners were sent there as a punishment or by mistake. A much larger number of Soviet prisoners of war were sent there, too. The Birkenau section (Auschwitz II) was above all a camp for the extermination of Jews.By 1943 the Auschwitz complex of camps included 35 sub-camps.

Reports about concentration camps appeared in the American press from about March 1933 onwards. (However, at that stage the camps were for opponents - imaginary as well as real - of the Nazi regime, and it was very rare for people to be sent to concentration camps simply for being Jews. The Nazis did, however, have a particular preoccupation with Jews in the media, so Jewish journalists tended to be sent to camps from the outset). Contrary to a widespread misconception ordinary concentration camps, like Dachau, were not secret, though details of what went on in these camps was supposed to be 'hush-hush'.Regular reports about the Nazi extermination of the Jewsappeared in the American media from about November/December 1942 on. (The government received reports somewhat earlier). The first reports about extermination camps reached the British and US governernments in December 1941, but were treated with skepticism.

One of the most significant similarities is the parents' goal for their kids. Both Chinese and Japanese Americans want their kids to do their best and get not only straight A's but do well in other activities as well. There isn't much difference between the two.

The term Concentration camp was first used by the British in the Boer wars. this was very different form the concentration camps used in Nazi Germany. they were not death camps but camps in which the family of Boer rebels were imprisoned so that they could not aid the rebels. However concentration camps have been used before this (only they were not called concentration camps) they were used by the Spanish in the 1860's even American soldiers used similar camps on Cherokee and other native Americans in the 1830's so this type of military tactic has been around for a long time, but the term is British. Evidently, there are no real differences, but rather there are similarities between the English and the German concentration camps.

There werent American CIVILIANS killed in Nazi Concentration camps. Civillians implies that they were not serving. There were American men in the army who were killed in Nazi Concentration camps, but no civilians.

There are many similarities between Hispanic and American cultures. Some of these similarities include that both are very family oriented, both enjoy big family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

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