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Q: What are the similarities and differences between Freud and Erikson?
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What are the basic differences between Freud's psychosexual theory and Erikson's psychosocial theory?

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What are differences between psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Erikson?

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What are the similarities between pavlov and freud?

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Did Erik Erikson ever work with Sigmund Freud?


Similarities between freud and erikson?

Both were pyschoanalyst who believed a person would go through stages at a specific age in their lives. The way a person adapted to these stages would determine how they would develope as a adult.

Which two theorists were involved with personality formation?

Freud and Erikson

Where did Erik Erikson study and How did he get his start in psychology and who was his mentor?

He studied in Vienna under Sigmund Freud's daughter, Anna Freud. Erikson study psychoanalysis and decided to become an analyst himself.

What are the similarities between the behaviorist view and cognitive view of learning?

I need to discuss the similarities amond Freud and Skinner perspectives!

Compare and contrast Freud and Erikson's theory of development.?

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Compare and contrast Freud and Erikson's theory of development?

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Who influenced Erik erikson?

Erikson's main contribution to psychology was his developmental theory. Though Sigmund Freud influenced Erikson significantly, he believed that humans developed throughout their life span. However, Freud believed that our personality was shaped by age five.

What are the similarities in the works of Freud Piaget Kohlberg Gilligan Mead and Erikson?

All developed a theory on the development of people. and they all develepoed a variety of concepts in the psychoanalitic point of view of psychology.

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