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Asteroids and comets have several similarities. They are both made of rocks and assorted materials, and they both come fairly close to Earth on a regular basis.

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Q: What are the similarities between asteroids and comets?
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What are the similarities between moons comets meteoroids and asteroids?

They all revolve around the sun.

What are similarities between asteroids meteroids and comets?

asteroids and meteroids are basically the same thing. meteroid are broken off debri from asteroids. while comets are completely different, instead of being rock and dust like asteroids and meteroids, they hace ice particles. comets also have tails which make them look and physically different

Differences between comets and asteroids?

asteroids are rocks and comets are ice

What do comets and asteroids not have in common?

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

What is bigger comets or asteroids?

Asteroids can have a size anywhere between about ten meters (by definition; anything smaller would be called a meteorite), and hundreds of kilometers. Comets have sizes somewhere in between, typically a few kilometers; so, the largest asteroids are LARGER than comets, while the smallest are SMALLER than comets.

What are two differences between comets and asteroids?

there is no answer

Are comets and asteroids both found in orbit around the sun?

Both comets and asteroids are found orbiting the Sun. The key difference between the orbits are asteroids are commonly found in clusters/belts, while Comets tend to be less commonly grouped.

What are the differences between comets asteroids and meteorites?

they are different

What is the smallest asteroids moons comets planets?

Asteroids and Comets

Which asteroids and comets are on Mercury?

There are no known asteroids or comets that have impacted Mercury.

What is the differences between comets and asteroids?

The main difference is in their makeup. Asteroids are metallic and contain rocky material, while comets usually consist of ice, dust, and rock.

What are some examples of superstitious beliefs in Philippines about comets and asteroids?

Many cultures have superstitious beliefs about comets and asteroids. The Philippines do not seem to share superstitions of comets and asteroids.

Which is closer to the sun asteroids or comets?

well, asteroids are closer to the sun then comets

Are comets asteroids or meteoroids found in orbit between Mars and Jupiter?

Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter is the asteroid belt, which contains the bulk of the solar system's asteroids. Where there are asteroids the are undoubtedly meteoroids.

What are differences of comets meteoroid's asteroids?

Comets : mostly ice & are often in very distant elliptical orbits. Meteoroids and asteroids are usually rocky and/or metallic, asteroids are found in the asteroid belt (between Mars & Jupiter).

How do you compare and contrast comets asteroids and planets?

asteroids are space rocks while planets are plantes while comets are comets

WHAT IS one similarity between asteroids comets and meteors?

they are all in space

What is the difference between comets meteors meteoroids and asteroids?

one is biger

What is one similarity between asteroids and comets?

They both orbit the sun

What are the other members of the solar system aside from the sun and planets?

Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.

What are the same and different between asteroid and comets?

Asteroids are made from metal....and comets are made from some kind of ice or something.

Are meteoroids smaller than comets and asteroids?

Yes, meteoroids are smaller than comets and asteroids.

How are comets and asteroids different?

Comets are made of dust and ice; asteroids Are made of rock or metal

Describe two differences between comets and asteroids?

Their compositions are different, comets tend to contain more ice, like dirty snowballs, while asteroids are more rocky. Asteroids are found in more regular orbits, while comets have more eccentric orbits and come from much further out in the solar system.

What are the similarities between comets asteroids and meteors?

Asteroids and meteors are made up of rocks or ice.All cannot be seen without a telescope (Only comet has exception to that whenever it's orbit comes close to Earth such as Hailey's comet.